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Risk management futurist online meetups

The future role of the risk manager.

On-demand webinar

These online live meet ups are organised by The Protecht Group and are done and presented by risk practitioners like you. In this forum you will be able to share your ideas for the future of your profession, focusing on all risks, not just pandemic risks, and for risk management and compliance as a whole.

Past sessions (subscribe to watch the recording on-demand):

  • #1 - Tuesday, 18th August 2020
  • #2 - Tuesday, 20th October 2020
  • #3 - Tuesday, 23rd March 2021

See below for details on past and future topics.


David Tattam

Chief Research and Content Officer, Protecht

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Key information and topics covered 

These bi-monthly sessions commencing on 18 August 2020 will involve guest speaker presentations followed by Q&A and a variety of interactive polls and discussions. The focus will be firmly on risk management of the future. This is a meetup, hosted by Protecht, for, and run by you. Join up now and let us know if you would be prepared to present to the group between 5 – 20 minutes on your vision and interest for the future of risk management.


The Meetups will be held every three months at 9.00 a.m. BST.  Australian Eastern Standard will depend on the time zone difference at the time.


The meetup will run for 60 minutes with the following format:

  • Welcome and Conclusions - 10 minutes
  • Presentation(s) of 30 minutes
  • Q&A of 20 minutes

Invitation to Present: If you would like to present as part of the meetup, please express your interest while processing the subscription in the form field 'Questions/Message'. Please add the topic(s) you have in mind. You can also send an email to

Note: By filling up the form, you will be registered to all the webinar sessions. In the confirmation email, you can select which ones you want to add to your calendar to participate live. If you miss any of the sessions, we will send you the recording once it is ready.

On-Demand: 23 March 2021. Defining the Future Role of the Risk Manager

Topic:  Defining the Future Role of the Risk Manager

Change at all levels of society and business is accelerating in both pace and size. This brings with it a rapidly changing risk horizon. This, coupled with the rapidly changing face of Risk Management means that the "role" of the future risk manager will be vastly different from what it is today.  This "meetup" will explore what this future may hold for the risk management industry and in particular you, the risk manager. Join myself, my Protecht colleague Thalia Smith and Jason Smith, the CEO of the Risk Management Institute of Ausralasia (RMIA) for a peek into the future.

On-Demand: Using AI to Measure Culture, Opportunity Risk Management

Topic 1: Using AI in measuring and managing culture and conduct risk

This session was run by Harry Toukalas, Co-CEO at Galaxy Sciences. Harry shared his insights on using a unique combination of artificial intelligence and behavioural science to:

  • Automatically measure the drivers of conduct
  • Predict conduct
  • Provide insight, learning, actions and automated nudges for conduct
  • Rapidly enhance and ingrain the desired conduct
  • Measurably improve goals for conduct

Topic 2: A Case for Opportunity Risk Management

For this special topic, we  were joined by Ross Hooley, Director Lighthouse GRC Pty Ltd. Ross covered:

  • Current focus is on threats, less on opportunities
  • Using a balanced threat and opportunity risk matrix in a project and enterprise risk context
  • The value of risk management to strategic decision making

On-Demand: Risk Management, the Fourth Industrial Revolution, and Your Social Licence to Operate

Topic 1: The Fourth Industrial Revolution – How will this shape the future Risk Management discipline?
By Warren Black

  • Cyber enhanced Risk Methods
  • Complex Systems Thinking
  • Resilience to Disruption
  • Macro-Global Threats

Topic 2: Protecting and Enhancing your Social Licence to Operate – The Role of Risk Management
By Madeleine Love

  • What is your "social licence to operate" and how is it changing in the future?
  • How does the "licence" differ between industries?
  • What are the risks to its loss or damage?
  • What roles should risk management play in managing this valuable asset?

“It was a great first webinar. I thought the presentations were succinct and informative. There was about the right balance between presentation and Q&A and I liked the interactive polls. It's interesting to see where other attendees are coming from. ” - Post-webinar feedback, an attendee from Milton Keynes University Hospital

About the presenters

Chief Research and Content Officer, Protecht

David Tattam is the Chief Research & Content Officer and co-founder of the Protecht Group. David's vision is to redefine the way the world thinks about risk and to develop risk management to its rightful place as being a key driver of value creation in each of Protecht's customers.

David is the driving force in taking Protecht's risk thinking to the frontiers of what is possible in risk management and to support the uplift of people risk capability through training and content.