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New release. Risk culture dashboard

How to easily measure your risk culture.

On-demand webinar

Culture is the critical foundation on which and organisation’s risk management is built. Yet culture remains elusive, difficult to define, difficult to manage and even more difficult to measure.

The new Risk Culture dashboard offers a new perspective of your risk culture. Track changes over time and visualise key areas you need to target.


Nick Broome

Chief Customer Success Officer, Protecht

Mitchell Carratt

Senior Analytics Consultant, Protecht

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Key information and topics covered 

The Risk Culture Dashboard shows you:

  • How well is your team meeting their risk management responsibilities
  • Where you need to focus more attention
  • If your risk team is getting maximum value out of Protecht.ERM
  • If end users are interacting with Protecht.ERM consistently
  • A clear perspective of your organisation's risk culture to share with your board and senior management

About the presenters

Chief Customer Success Officer, Protecht

Nick Broome is an experienced risk management specialist having spent over 25 years in the profession including senior roles at KPMG, Macquarie, Commonwealth Bank of Australia. Nick is passionate about the opportunities to improve our understanding of the drivers of risks to help manage them better.

Senior Analytics Consultant, Protecht

Mitchell Carratt is Senior Business Intelligence Consultant at Protecht, with over six years' experience of business intelligence and analytics using Protecht.ERM. Previously he has held various technical consultancy and development roles in software development and industry.

Mitchell has a Bachelor's of Internet Science and Technology from the University of Wollongong.