Welcome to Our World of Risk Management

Redefining risk. This has been our credo for over 20 years.

Since day one, we’ve been reshaping the way the world thinks about risk. You could say it’s in our DNA.

While others fear risk, we embrace it. While others see risk management as the brakes that halt progress, we see it as the rocket fuel that launches businesses to unprecedented heights.

Why Is Redefining Risk Important?

The world today is more volatile than ever before and attitudes have understandably changed. All stakeholders from members, shareholders, regulators and the general public are now demanding better risk management from organisations.

What was once a backstage concern must now play a leading role. The reality is, if you want to be better as a company, you need to get better at taking risks.

But we see risk management as more than just managing expectations. For us, it is the gateway to exciting new opportunities and accelerated growth.

It’s Time to Celebrate

For over 20 years, we’ve worked tirelessly to raise the bar for risk management.

We’ve pioneered cutting-edge solutions that have changed the face of the industry.

We’ve unleashed new possibilities for organisations of all sizes across a wide range of sectors.

Our efforts have resulted in millions of incidents managed across thousands of individual risks and over 25 thousand people have attended our training courses to date.

What a ride it’s been. And this is only the beginning...

Because the truth is, we haven’t just been busy redefining risk for our clients… we’ve also been busy redefining ourselves!

So without further ado, it’s time to start your journey in redefining risk with the next evolution of Protecht.


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Down Memory Lane

DB-DT-memorylaneHaving worked together at PriceWaterHouseCoopers in the late ‘80s and then later at Industrial Bank of Japan, our founders, David Tattam and David Bergmark, set their sights on innovating new risk solutions that the industry so desperately needed at the time.

But they needed a name. Out of a taxi brainstorm session one afternoon grew the seed that would become 'Protecht' (a combination of 'Protection' and Technology).

Maybe it’s because we share the same name, but it seems like we were always destined to create something groundbreaking together. Even as far back as our time together at PWC in the late ‘80s, we saw how unsophisticated risk system processes were and knew there had to be a better way.

As the challenges and demands of the business world evolved, so too did Protecht, expanding to provide the most holistic approach to risk management on the market with world-class training, advisory and innovative software solutions.


Memory-lane (3)Memory-lane (1)

Memory-lane (2)Memory-lane (4)


What began as two starry-eyed dreamers has now grown into one big family that we’re immensely proud of. A team of superstars with some of the deepest knowledge, authority and influence in the risk management space.

Risk management has always been associated with negative connotations.

It’s scary. It’s confusing. It’s technical. And It’s too expensive.

But it doesn’t have to be. Our goal is to upend the traditional image of risk management with the promise that you will never look at risk the same way again.

How Do We Achieve This?

By continuously innovating to bring you the most complete, cutting-edge and cost-effective risk management solutions.

By empowering you with world-class training with technical and practical knowledge that you can put into effect in your workplace.

By managing the entire implementation process and onboarding each member of your team. We’re with you for your entire risk journey.

By stripping away jargon to speak your language. Risk management can be a complicated business. That’s why we make the extra effort to explain things simply and clearly.





We’re raising the bar of what can be expected of risk management solutions. We strive to reshape the way the world thinks about risk.

Redefining Risk Also Means Redefining Ourselves

To ensure we were in the best position to continue to be pioneers of our industry, we decided to conduct a full health check-up of our brand and the industry.

After months of research, analysis and interviewing all stakeholders, the findings were clear — we needed to evolve.

Even though risk management is one of the most exciting spaces to be in right now for us and our clients, our industry was seen as uninspired and dull by the wider public.

It was time to break this perception. Emphatically.

Evolving Our Brand

We loved what we did and we wanted our audience to feel our genuine passion through every touchpoint with our brand.

So we went about reexamining and improving every aspect of our brand. No detail was spared.

Say Hello to the Next Evolution of Protecht

We’re proud to present our new and improved brand identity that truly reflects our passionate and pioneering spirit and our buzzing industry.

Our Logo and Visual Identity





Pioneers need to look the part too. We’ve breathed new life into our logo and visual identity by introducing a new range of vivid blues, sleek gradients and accents. We’ve also refreshed our typography and photography.

Our New Website

Every interaction with Protecht should be a rich experience. So we’ve completely revamped our website, drastically improving the design, functionality and information for a much better user experience.

The Way We Talk

We’re not robots with a long preset list of jargon and corporate-speak. We’re humans. So it’s about time we sounded more human across all our communication.

Our Values

The foundation of everything we do is based on four important tenets.

  1. Be the Pioneer
    We’re fearless in our pursuit of pioneering new solutions. Where others see the impossible, we see the endless possibilities.

  2. Human Connections
    'Who we are' never gets lost behind 'what we build'. While our world is driven by technology, it is our human touch and the authentic relationships that we foster that is most important.

  3. Embrace Taking Risks
    Taking more risks is not to be misunderstood as being careless in how we operate.

    We know that risk and reward are intrinsically linked and it is prudent risk management that drives us to unprecedented heights.

  4. Empower People
    We know that tools are only as good as the people using them. We empower people through leadership, knowledge-sharing, mentorship and making risk solutions available to everyone.




To the Entire Protecht Family, Thank You

We’re incredibly proud of what we’ve managed to build in the past 20 years. From one passionate vision shared by two fearless founders, we have now become one of the most respected and influential voices in risk management.

Our most complete online risk management software just got even better.

Version 9.0 comes with a complete new layout to give you the easiest and most dynamic user experience to date.  And our long-awaited mobile app is finally here! Available on Apple and Android, now you can engage your team on Risk management when and how it suits them.

Highlights of Version 9.0

  • New user interface
    Enjoy a richer user experience with a modern and dynamic look and feel.

  • New Mobile App
    Manage risk on-the-go, increase engagement and lift response rates.

See it in Action

New look!


We’ve given our user interface a brand new makeover improving the way everything looks and feels
including menus, windows, dialogs and fields. You can now also customise the colours for menus and headers.


Action Bar


We’ve improved the functionality by tweaking the way record action buttons (such as Edit, Copy or Delete) are accessed.
In windows that contain lists of records in tables (such as Users, Risk Events or Workflow), the buttons now appear
as an action bar when you hover over the record. If you’re not sure what a button does, simply hover over it to see a tool-tip.


Protecht.ERM on mobile

Hold the power of Protecht.ERM in the palm of your hands with our new mobile app for iOS and Android.

It’s secure, convenient, and you can even use it offline!


Highlights of Protecht.ERM on mobile

  • Access or add incidents, issues, risks or actions on the go
  • Create new records offline.
  • Log incidents as they happen, attach screenshots and photos.
  • After your first login, access the app using your phone’s biometrics.

Other Enhancements

  • Prevent a record from changing state
    You can now set up a register so that the state of a record can’t be changed until a specific condition is met.

  • Filter or group compliance question assignments by category
    We’ve now added a ‘category’ column in the Compliance Question Assignment window.

  • Greater register performance
    We’ve improved the performance and load time of registers that have a sub-table defined as a single-select field.

  • Greater security
    Prevent Protecht.ERM from sending emails or to any address outside of your organisation. Register information (eg. number of entries) is no longer visible to anonymous users.

From our superstar team to our fearless clients - we thank each and every one of you. We wouldn’t be where we are today without you. And we’ll only be able to soar even higher with you.

We believe everyone is a risk manager so let’s keep redefining risk together.

Hold tight. It’s going to be one thrilling ride!


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Manage your risk from anywhere in the world with the most complete online risk management software. Flexible and easy to use with no coding required, Protecht.ERM is suitable for organisations of any size, industry and risk maturity stage.

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