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Free ROI calculator

Calculate your potential benefits from using Protecht ERM.

If you're looking to invest in an Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) platform, it's a good idea to begin with a Return on Investment (ROI) analysis. We've built an automatic tool to help you understand the value that investing in an ERM platform could bring to your business.

Using the Protecht ERM ROI Calculator, you can estimate the potential return an ERM platform could deliver through efficiencies and savings in risk management processes and risk event reduction.

We'll ask you some simple questions based around your business and your risk management function, and using our 20 years of risk management experience, we can use common benchmarks created across the hundreds of companies we've helped to save time and money to come up with some estimates for how the software could benefit you.

Once you have your new ERM operating model up and running, you can also use the information from this ROI analysis to determine future ROI calculations made as you make ongoing improvements.

Use this tool to:

  1. Find out and index your existing risk management administration costs
  2. Log all expenses associated with your potential investment in an ERM platform
  3. Project the likely reduction scenarios for all existing administration costs across your risk management function
  4. Estimate your likely ROI if you migrate to Protecht ERM


Please note: This tool is only a guide, not a quote.