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Cyber risk management

Cyber risk management: The art of prevention, detection and correction.

How boards, executives and managers can meet their responsibilities to address growing and
changing cyber threats.

Key information and topics covered 

We live in a digitally driven age, where the conveniences of instant communication, eCommerce, and online databases have revolutionized our lives. Yet these conveniences come with a cost. Our information - whether it's personal, financial, or organisational - is under constant threat. When cyber threats prevail, businesses can face reputational damage, financial loss, and a disruption of operations. Are you prepared to defend against them?

Protecht’s Cyber risk management: The art of prevention, detection and correction is a comprehensive guide that addresses the complex and ever-present challenges of cyber risk in today's digital age. Equip yourself with a holistic understanding of cyber risk management strategies, enabling you to spearhead a proactive approach against ever-evolving digital threats.

The book is aimed at:

  • Risk Managers aiming to understand cyber risk and integrate it into their enterprise risk management frameworks.
  • Executives seeking to sharpen their knowledge, enabling them to ask the right questions and ensure that cyber risks are aptly addressed.
  • Chief Information Security Officers and their teams seeking to fit their understanding of cyber threats into the context of the organisation’s broader risk approach.


What you will learn 

This eBook provides valuable insights and practical strategies for executives, risk managers, and cyber security professionals to effectively measure, quantify, treat, and control cyber risk within their organisations, including:
  • The unique characteristics of cyber risks.
  • The convergence of cyber security and information security.
  • Tools and frameworks for effective cyber risk management.
  • Integrating cyber risk into your enterprise risk management (ERM) system.
  • The ever-increasing financial and non-financial impacts of cyber threats.
  • The importance of understanding your vendor and extended ecosystem.
  • Key principles for managing cyber risks across the organisation.