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IT risk management

Information technology risk management.

What information technology risk is, why it matters, why it’s different from cyber risk, and why it’s not just a concern for the IT department.

Key information and topics covered 

Information technology is ubiquitous in our lives. Nearly every one of us has a smartphone (or perhaps multiple) supported by major communication networks across the globe. While the vehicles we travel in have a purely mechanical lineage, today they are integrated with digital sensors and displays to keep us safe (not to mention the TV in the back to keep the kids occupied). When traffic control systems fail, our cities can grind to a halt.

This eBook covers the intersection of IT and risk management. It’s aimed at:

  • Helping Risk Managers to gain an understanding of the types of IT risks that their organization may face
  • Arming Risk Managers with questions to provide adequate challenge, and sufficient awareness to assist IT teams to identify and assess risks
  • Helping IT Managers consider the risks that arise from IT and its use, not just within their direct sphere of influence, but how it can impact broader organizational objectives

This eBook provides you with a practical overview of the IT risk management process, allowing you to effectively understand and manage your business's IT risks.


What you will learn 

  • Understanding IT-related risks
  • Risk bow ties and cascading objectives
  • IT as a business enabler
  • IT as a driver of operational risk 
  • IT as a strategic risk
  • Execution risks related to digital transformation
  • The people side of IT risk
  • IT frameworks and standards
  • Who is responsible for managing IT risk?
  • Integrating IT risk into ERM