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Vendor Management in Protecht.ERM

Decrease Third Party Vendor Risk

Easily locate information

Vendor registers and information in one system

Our third party vendor risk software allows you to easily locate critical vendor information all in one platform.

Automate Processes

Automated vendor questionnaire

Cut down manual processes and automate the distribution of vendor questionnaires.

Assess Vendor Risk Faster

Third Party Vendor Risk Register

Protecht.ERM comes with pre-configured registers so you can start assessing your vendor risks faster.

Direct Access by Vendors

Direct access by vendors to registers

Provide direct system access to your vendors to streamline interaction.

Manage vendors more effectively

Vendor and contracts register

A central location to store key vendor and contract information.  Quickly identify critical content to support interactions with key vendors.


Automate delivery of security and regulatory questionnaires, such as modern slavery and anti-bribery, questionnaires to vendors.

Vendors can respond directly to the questionnaires in the system.

No more delivery of questions via Excel and email.

Vendor Registers
Vendor Contracts Register
Vendor Details Register

Third Party Vendor Risk Management System

Examples of Included Registers

Vendor Management
  • Vendor Registry
  • Contracts Registry
  • Information Security
  • Modern Slavery
  • Anti-bribery and Corruption
  • Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS)

Asked Questions

Do I have to pay for the modules separately?
Protecht.ERM licensing is based on the number and type of named active users. All functionality is provided allowing Protecht.ERM to be configured to capture data, workflow and report on it, regardless of the business process.
We’re a small organization, what’s your pricing structure like?

Protecht.ERM is highly scalable. We have clients with as few as 2 users through to major organizations with over 20,000 users. Annual license fees are based on the number and type of users named and active in Protecht.ERM.

What about the sovereignty and security of my data?

Hosted in your region, allowing you to enjoy high availability and performance. Hosting is in highly secure data centres that are ISO 27001 certified, PCI/DSS compliant and certified or approved by government for hosting of highly sensitive data.

We’re moving our data from another system. Can you help us migrate our data?

During the initial implementation, we will migrate your data. The Bulk Import and Export functionality will allow you to import data at any time from CSV format while the use of web services and APIs will allow for integration with other systems.

Will this system work for us if we adopt a custom risk methodology?

Protecht.ERM is highly configurable without needing coding skills. Data capture forms, workflow rules, reports and dashboards can be quickly and easily configured to match your risk methodology or any other business process.

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