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Thought leadership webinar

Ensuring resilience: Risk appetite strategies for better vendor risk management.

On demand webinar

Dive into the critical world of vendor risk management (VRM) and discover how applying risk appetite can transform your approach to third-party providers. This thought leadership webinar from Protecht offers a comprehensive guide to leveraging risk appetite across vendor risks, ensuring resilience and enhancing due diligence.

Explore the intricacies of identifying, assessing, and monitoring key risk indicators (KRIs) tailored to different levels of vendor risks. Learn the practice of applying risk thresholds to maintain balance between opportunity and risk, ensuring your vendor engagements contribute positively to your strategic objectives.

Join us to elevate your vendor risk management practices and align them seamlessly with your organizational goals, fostering a risk-aware culture that drives success.


Risk Appetite eBook.

For more insights on risk appetite, download our whitepaper on taking and accepting the right amount of risk.


Jared Siddle

Director of Risk, North America, Protecht

Terence Lee

Vice President, North America, Protecht

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Information and topics covered 

Whether you're looking to refine your VRM program or build one from the ground up, this session will equip you with the insights to:

  • Define a risk appetite statement that addresses vendor risk considerations.
  • Apply risk appetite thresholds across your vendor risks effectively.
  • Identify leading and predictive KRIs for comprehensive vendor oversight.
  • Integrate vendor risk insights into your broader enterprise risk management (ERM) strategy for a unified risk approach.

About the presenters

Director of Risk, North America, Protecht

Jared Siddle is a Qualified Risk Director who has been Head of Risk Management at three different companies, including two of the world's largest asset managers. He has proven success in banking, fund management and other financial service companies across over 26 countries. Jared is passionate about Governance, Risk, Compliance & Sustainability. He is an expert at designing, developing and executing customized enterprise-wide risk frameworks.

Vice President, North America, Protecht

Terence Lee is Protecht's Vice President, North America. Terry joined Protecht in 2022 to facilitate our growth in North America, bringing extensive experience in governance, risk, compliance, and incident management. Terry has led sales, product, and marketing teams at risk and compliance software vendors, and is a recognized expert in ERM, vendor risk, business continuity, regulatory change management, and resilience.