Internal Audit Management Software

Effectively Manage the Audit Process

Pre-configured registers


Our internal audit software lets you select from a range of pre-configured registers that support your audit function or build your own using our step by step guide. 

Advanced Analytics


Insights on findings are best presented to key executives visually. Our analytics team can help you design the best internal audit findings dashboard.

Central library connected to planning


Protecht.ERM’s central libraries of risks and controls can be easily connected to your planning and findings.

Mobile App


Our mobile app has been designed with front line users in mind – allowing them to update audit findings anywhere – increasing your engagement and reducing close out times.

Manually distributing, reporting and following up audit findings detracts from the real audit work required. 

What does Protecht.ERM deliver for Internal Auditors?

In the planning phase:

Protecht.ERM helps internal auditors effectively prepare for an ERM audit:

  • Risk Assessment: Quickly view the risk and control assessments for departments to understand the key risks and support risk-based auditing. 

  • RiskInMotion: See connected information (#RiskInMotion) to form an opinion as to how well the risk is being managed. For example, a large number of control test failures, incidents and metrics outside of the expected operating range for a key risk would direct activities to that area or process.


In the execution phase

During the ERM audit, internal auditors can:

  • Audits: Capture completed audits and workpapers with overall audit scores in the one application.

  • Notifications for findings: Generate automated email notifications for findings, and live analytics of outstanding issues, allowing you to focus on the interpretation of your internal audits.


In the reporting phase

Our internal audit management software supports the management and reporting of internal audit findings:

  • Central Libraries: You can connect your findings to the central libraries of risks and controls, allowing your key stakeholders to get a better understanding of movements in the divisional risk profiles from findings in third line activities. 

  • Advanced Workflows: Findings can be stored centrally and automatically workflowed to issue owners for updating comments and actions. No more manual distribution of spreadsheets via email.

  • Complete Reporting: Live dashboards visualising open/overdue findings by severity, division, controls and risks are available to streamline reporting to risk and audit committees.


Asked Questions

About our Internal Audit Management Software

Do I have to pay for the modules separately?

Licensing for the core Protecht.ERM package is based on the number and type of named active users. Protecht.ERM package is configured to capture data and workflow and create reports, regardless of the business process.  

This does not encompass pre-configured templates delivered through Marketplace or the Operational Resilience module for Protecht.ERM, both of which are billed separately. 

We’re moving our data from another system. Can you help us migrate our data?
During the initial implementation, we will migrate your data. The Bulk Import and Export functionality will allow you to import data at any time from CSV format while the use of web services and APIs will allow for integration with other systems.
We’re a small organization, what’s your pricing structure like?

Protecht.ERM is highly scalable. We have clients with as few as two users through to major organisations with over 20,000 users. Annual licence fees are based on the number and type of users named and active in Protecht.ERM.  

Additional charges apply if you wish to use pre-configured templates delivered through Marketplace or to add the Operational Resilience module to Protecht.ERM. 

Will this system work for us if we adopt a custom risk methodology?
Protecht.ERM is highly configurable without requiring IT resources. Data capture forms, workflow rules, reports and dashboards can be quickly and easily configured to match your risk methodology or any other business process.
What about the sovereignty and security of my data?

Your data is securely stored with Amazon Web Services (AWS) in your jurisdiction, Protecht is ISO 27001 certified and the security of your data is of paramount importance. 

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