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Available registers and dashboards in Protecht Marketplace

Risk register and reporting templates designed by risk experts

With Marketplace you can take advantage of Protecht's deep risk expertise to get your ERM solution off to a flying start.

Protecht has over twenty years of experience in risk, working with hundreds of customers in many industries. We have the knowledge to support your risk management framework with pre-designed risk registers, management dashboards, analytical dashboards, and reports.

  • Have confidence in your ERM system with best practice guidance for components of risk management
  • We make it faster and simpler to implement your system with pre-configured risk packages
  • Stay on top of changing regulatory or market requirements with Marketplace’s new and updated content
Protecht Marketplace dashboard packages

Templates designed for organizations of any size or risk maturity

Marketplace has three levels of content to suit the needs of organizations at different stages of risk maturity. We've designed registers and reporting to support your organization today, but also provide a pathway to an optimized risk program.

  • Simpler forms and reporting for organizations newer to risk management
  • More detailed forms and reporting for those who are optimizing their risk management
  • Interconnected data at all levels, delivering visibility and transparency to navigate risk and compliance

Different levels match your developing risk maturity


Ideal for organizations getting started on risk management, who need an ERM solution that covers the core risk areas.


Designed for organizations extending from core operational risk into other risk domains.


Designed for organizations with more specialized risk and compliance teams, optimizing their risk programs by integrating across multiple domains.

Marketplace Content

Operational risk management
  • Risk
  • Controls
  • Complaints
  • Incidents
  • Obligations
  • Issues and findings
  • Audit
Third party risk management
  • Third parties
  • Contracts
  • Issues
  • Incidents
  • Questionnaires
ISMS/Cyber risk management
  • Assets and asset risk assessment
  • Assurance
  • Policy management
  • Incidents
  • Statement of applicability
  • Threat events

Speed and simplicity

Time and effort spent on implementing an ERM system takes focus away from the strategic goals of your risk program.

Marketplace's pre-configured registers, dashboards, and reports help you implement the system quickly, with packages installed and enabled in less than 15 minutes.

Watch our webinar to learn how you can speed up and simplify your system implementation.

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