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Enterprise Risk Management

Risk management. Made seamless.

Bring together all the tools to measure and monitor risk, gain strategic insights – and act.

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Manage risks. Confidently.

Gain a holistic view of risk. Empower risk owners with the right insights. With Protecht, you can link and structure data for better risk and control self-assessment.

  • Connect your real-time risks, controls and to KRIs, incidents, issues and more

  • Standardise risk events, causes and controls with taxonomies

  • Develop a single source of truth

  • Enable truly enterprise-wide risk management

Better, faster decisions

Action-oriented insights through dashboards, reports and visual risk tools. Prioritise the right actions after risk and control self-assessment.

  • Make data-driven decisions across the organisation

  • Filter and combine real-time data from across the system by risk

  • Identify vulnerabilities – critical risk ratings, worsening KRIs, ineffective controls

  • Generate custom visualisations at the click of a button

Measure risk

Insights into performance over time let you continually measure and improve your risk management.

  • Gain perspective with integrated data across the risk lifecycle

  • Connect the dots on risks, controls testing, KRIs, actions, and incidents

  • Get immediate overviews with risk health scores and trend data

  • Drill down from enterprise level through to single business units

Engage all levels

Drive engagement from front line and risk owners to the executive and board. Lift your risk culture as every user builds their risk awareness and sense of ownership.

  • Role-based user experience – from front-line to C-suite

  • Present, workshop and analyse crucial risk insights with ease

  • Create custom PDF, Excel and PPT reports

  • Link data directly to teams and users

Continually improve & stay in control

Remove the burden of manual processing. Replace out-of-date, siloed documents with a system built for enterprise risk management.

  • Hit the ground running with templated risk registers, dashboards and reports

  • Integrate additional risk use cases as soon as you’re ready

  • Design, build and implement with guidance from risk experts

  • No-coding configuration so your system works for you

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Bring together all the tools to measure and monitor risk, gain strategic insights – and act.

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Popular register packages for use case / solution

Strategy and Objectives

Enables strategy teams, executives and board members to see progress of their organisational strategic priorities and associated milestones:

  • Capture key strategic objectives

  • Track and measure performance of them over their lifetime

  • Provide insight into the health and status of any related risks or actions

Risk Management

The risk self-assessment process is a cornerstone of a strong enterprise risk management framework. Protecht’s Risk Management register and dashboard help you:

  • Define your risks

  • Periodically review and assess them to determine the level of risk (both inherent and residual)

  • Report on these activities to management and the board

Controls Management and Assurance

Provides ongoing assurance to external stakeholders and/or the board that controls are effective. The register and dashboard help you:

  • Determine key controls, linking controls to different records and attach relevant supporting documentation

  • Separately assess design and operational effectiveness

  • Escalate ineffective controls

  • Identify issues and easily report on them

Risk Library

Consistently communicate about risk in your organisation with a risk event taxonomy and library.

  • Establish an integrated picture of risks throughout the various components of your Protecht solution, linking through to reporting

  • Standardised classification with tags for risk category and level

KRI Library

Help your organisation align and communicate about risk. This library of key risk indicators (ie, risk metrics):

  • Provides staff with a standard set of metrics to use locally for monitoring risk

  • Aligns with Protecht’s risk library to gain a connected view of metrics for each risk

Operational Controls Library

Implement a strong control framework with this taxonomy and library of operational controls that can be centrally managed. The Operational Controls Library helps organisations:

  • Clearly communicate with consistent language for controls, avoiding unnecessary variation

  • Identify control improvement opportunities

  • Easily report, allowing aggregation of controls across the organisation, and

  • Improve engagement with the business

Risk Management Profile Report

Move to truly integrated enterprise risk management with collated data to analyse and view risk at an enterprise level. This point-in-time report pulls together the key data linked to a single risk including:

  • Risk ratings and controls

  • KRIs/Metrics

  • Issues and findings

  • Incidents, attestations, and actions

Control Management Profile Report

Analyse and view a control in a truly integrated risk management solution.

  • Point-in-time report on a single control that integrates data linked to that control

  • Includes risks, issues, incidents, obligations and more

Actions Management

Gain visibility of risk and compliance management actions to ensure they are carried out by the right people and at the right time. The Actions Management register and dashboard help you:

  • Create and supervise any type of action

  • Assign owners and contributors

  • Follow-up and escalate actions

  • Identify overdue actions

Gifts, Benefits and Hospitality

Monitor and manage offers of gifts, benefits and hospitality to promote impartial decision-making and ethical behaviour. The pre-designed register and dashboard support:

  • Logging of incoming and outgoing offers of gifts, benefits and hospitality for visibility

  • Review and management of offers by business managers and centralised risk and compliance teams, and

  • Risk reporting for executive or board review

Conflicts of Interest

Identify and action potential conflicts of interest from board to employee level. Ensure transparency and accountability with the Conflicts of Interest register and dashboard that enable:

  • Logging and review of conflicts of interest across all staff

  • Review of board and executive committee members

  • Risk reporting for executive or board review

Feedback and Complaints

Manages feedback and complaints to achieve strategic goals, validate risks, and identify compliance and operational weaknesses:

  • Establish a framework to identify and action feedback

  • Manage both positive and negative feedback

Complaint Management

An alternative to 'Feedback and Complaints’ which enables more in-depth focus on complaints only. The register, dashboard and workflow rules help organisations:

  • Identify and action complaints promptly

  • Validate risks and highlight control weaknesses

  • Identify compliance & operational weaknesses

Complaints Management RG271

Helps you meet consumer and regulator expectations with a register, dashboard and workflow rules that deliver visibility over complaints:

  • Appropriate tracking, action and escalation

  • Responses that adhere to policy and process within timeframes

  • Reporting on complaints handling for senior management or board review.

  • Generate an Internal Dispute Resolution CSV file to meet ASIC data reporting requirements

Case study

How WorldRemit manages risk across 130 countries.

"Protecht has really helped us in streamlining the risk management processes. The fact that our users can go into the system, update their own key risk indicators, update their own risks, has been really powerful for us."

Tsam Jeffries

Director of Enterprise & Operational Risk, WorldRemit

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