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Why insurers should follow a risk appetite approach to ESG

Global speciality insurer Chaucer Group has committed to net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. The insurer and reinsurer is among a growing ... Read more

Barclays SEC breach shows no bank is immune to compliance failure

A few months ago, UK lender Barclays Bank announced that it had discovered a compliance breach from 2019 in its US operations. The bank sells ... Read more

Is Google's multi-million fine a wake-up call for data protection?

Google is the latest tech giant to be fined for violations of GDPR provisions. The €10 mn (US$11 mn, AU$15mn) fine was issued by the Spanish data ... Read more

Risk bow ties: Mutually exclusive and collectively exhaustive?

In our recent webinar Risk Art Class - Visualize your risk with bow tie analysis, we were asked an interesting question: "How do you ensure that ... Read more

Operational resilience: Is your software supply chain soft?

According to a recent survey of over 1000 Chief Information Officers by identity management provider Venafi, 82% believe their organisation is ... Read more

ERM Webinar Review: Moving from a Siloed to a True Enterprise Approach

The traditional siloed view of risk management has evolved over many years of its development as a discipline, but there is increasing pressure to ... Read more

Why insurers need to prioritise the digitisation of risk and compliance management

The global insurance industry has been impacted heavily by COVID and extreme weather events. Insurers worldwide have had to respond and adapt to such ... Read more

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Managing Risk and Compliance in a COVID-19 World

This is the time for a well-developed, well-embedded and well-operated enterprise risk management framework and processes. It is not a time to throw away risk management thinking. It is a time to bring it into action.
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Redefining Risk - Never Look at Risk the Same Way Again

What was once a backstage concern must now play a leading role. The reality is, if you want to be better as a company, you need to get better at taking risks.

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