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Our partners

Protecht works with leading consulting firms, resellers, systems integrators and data providers worldwide to ensure that our customers across all industry sectors are able to maximize the benefits that our solutions can provide to their risk management, compliance and governance programs.


With over 100 years of experience, LexisNexis is a leading global supplier of information and technology solutions to legal, risk management, corporate, government, law enforcement, tax, accounting and academic professionals. Protecht has partnered with LexisNexis to provide compliance and obligation solutions to help companies manage their regulatory risk through a comprehensive obligations register and alerts. 

Secure Collaboration

Secure Collaboration is an Australian technology and security company providing multi cloud managed services specifically for small to mid-sized federal and state government agencies with certifications and proven processes at the core of all they do. They have over 10 years experience providing security services, advice and consulting, covering penetration testing, IRAP assessments, auditing of web and internal infrastructure, utilising best practice Essential 8 as a framework. Conforming to ISM (and other security standards), their people, processes, and infrastructure are designed and provide firewall protected network zones, monthly patching, emergency patching, host intrusion protection, disk encryption, operating system hardening and anti-virus scanning, managed rigorously by their professional support team.  


Co-Axiom Associates is a recently established consulting company founded by experienced financial services professionals. They specialise in the provision of professional and trustworthy services in the areas of corporate governance, risk and compliance, project and change management, staffing, coaching, training solutions, controls assurance and economic sustainability. Co-Axiom Associates was formed in 2020 by John Stewart and Avasha Singh; John is a sought-after financial services expert with over 35 years of New Zealand and international experience working for large multinational, SMEs and NGOs in the areas of corporate governance, risk & compliance, internal audit, program management and accounting. 


Bounce Readiness provides end-to-end emergency management, critical incident management and business continuity services for organisations across Australia. They are committed to helping organisations and their teams bounce back from all aspects of an incident or business disruption using the three Rs: 

  • Readiness – Building Processes – working with clients to establish the foundational components of a resilience program. Preparing organizations to minimise and manage risks while building business continuity. 
  • Resilience – Building capability, capacity and confidence in using the customised resilience procedures through training and exercise programs. 
  • Response – Assisting organisations to respond to an incident or business disruption with on-hand staff services, support, and post incident reviews. 

Bounce Readiness was established in 2020 by Cheryl Hambly who has more than 20 years of experience in the resilience space. Cheryl is dedicated to ensuring a wide range of organisations have become more ready to respond to emergencies, critical incidents, and business disruptions. 

Metropolis Advisory

Metropolis Advisory was established in 2014 and supports public and private sector clients in the design, implementation and continual improvement of best practice risk management and project controls frameworks. Metropolis has extensive practical industry experience in major transport and infrastructure projects and undertaking key roles in corporate environments. Their point of difference is their depth of understanding of what drives superior risk management and project performance and their tailored, practical approach in dealing with clients and stakeholders alike.

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