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IT risk management

Safer, smarter cybersecurity.

Centralise your IT risk management, streamline end-to-end processes and get action-oriented insights to respond quickly – and accurately.

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Single source of truth

Create a single source of truth for IT risk management. Get organised for any required action with powerful linking of real-time data.

  • Centralise libraries and registers for IT risk, controls, activities and policies

  • Set up calendars for testing and reviews

  • Dynamically link risks, controls and other data sets

Assess and monitor

Gain a clear picture of your IT security risks and quickly identify critical vulnerabilities from asset risks to incidents.

  • Analyse assets and asset risks

  • Manage IT risk controls and assurance

  • Monitor IT security activities and incidents

Streamline your IT controls

Efficiently ensure compliance with IT Risk frameworks such as NIST, ISO 27000 and PCI DSS.

  • Manage compliance with multiple ISMS control frameworks

  • Demonstrate applicability of controls

  • Map your master control framework to track compliance with other frameworks

  • Create consistency in management with centralised libraries of risks and controls

Manage regulatory change

Integrate compliance content from LexisNexis to stay on top of current obligations and prepare for regulatory changes in cybersecurity.

  • Connect to a LexisNexis feed for your particular industry and location

  • Be alerted to upcoming changes

  • Ensure understanding with regulatory advice in plain English

Act and communicate

Ensure rapid, accurate responses and seamless communications through user-centric interfaces and powerful visualisations and reports.

  • Engage staff through user-centric dashboards

  • Optimise productivity with automated workflow alerts and reminders

  • Create custom PDF, Excel and PPT reports

  • Present clear visualisations and consolidated reports at the click of a button

IT risk management eBook.

What IT risk is, why it matters, why it’s different from cyber risk, and why it’s not just a concern for the IT department.

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Cyber risk management eBook.

How boards, executives and managers can meet their responsibilities to address growing and changing cyber threats.

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Optimise your risk management at the click of a button. Set up and maintain your ERM system with Marketplace: preconfigured registers, dashboards and reports.

Popular register packages for IT risk management

ISMS - Assets and Asset Risk Assessment

Gain a clear picture of assets and an assessment of the risks relating to them. The pre-designed register and overview dashboard make it easy to:

  • Know your assets by consistently identifying and categorising them

  • Conduct risk assessments of information assets to protect them

  • Provide oversight and management with aggregated data on your IT assets

ISMS - Assurance and Statement of Applicability

This package makes data-capture and reporting easy for organisations centralising ISMS controls and related assurance management. The registers and dashboards allow you to:

  • Bridge your ISMS Risk Assessments and treatment plans, allowing you to demonstrate where and how to implement controls

  • Centralise storage of ISMS-related assurance activity, identify and action critical or high assurance findings

ISMS - Controls Map and Framework

Align your master ISMS controls with other sub-control frameworks to demonstrate ISMS compliance more easily.

  • Align master controls with other framework controls (eg: ISO 27000, NIST, PCI DSS)

  • Easily link to your central library of controls

  • Define test objectives and plans as templates

  • Easily manage control testing and assurance

ISMS - Incidents and Threat Events

Minimise loss, disruption and potential penalties from IT incidents and threat events. The ISMS Incidents and Threat Events registers and dashboard support your organisation by helping you:

  • Reduce the time staff spend on consistently logging incidents and threat events

  • Establish and maintain a central library of NIST threats

  • Communicate issues to executive and the board with analytics

ISMS - Policies and Documents

Catalogue and easily manage ISMS policies and documents with a register and dashboard that help you:

  • Assign owners to manage and conduct reviews

  • Manage policy and documentation review frequency

  • Monitor and maintain version control either through attached files or hyperlinks of the policies

  • Deliver visibility for approvers to continually monitor policy and documents and owner responsibilities

ISMS - Risk Assessment

Streamline the capture and reporting of ISMS risk assessments. The pre-designed register and dashboard help you:

  • Analyse and assess organisational and process information security risks managed from a central library of risk events

  • Assign ownership and a review date for the assessments

  • Assign risk assessment and associated actions

  • Manage and monitor ISMS risk assessment activity and actions

ISMS - Security Calendar

Systematically capture and track important security events such as penetration test due dates, cryptographic key renewals, and audits. The ISMS Security Calendar register and dashboard allow you to:

  • Assign ownership and due dates to key events

  • Report on status of events and their completion

  • Provide a centralised repository of important security events

ISMS – Actions Dashboard

This package provides visibility of actions relating to your IT security risk management. Its pre-designed dashboard supports management to quickly gain high level insight into how many actions there are, their priority, and actions that may need escalation.

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