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Operational resilience and business continuity management

Prove your resilience. Progress your business.

Prepare, withstand, recover and adapt. Ensure that your operational resilience and business continuity management processes are able to support your customers and meet your regulatory requirements.

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End-to-end visibility

Rapidly identify and assess your critical operations to anticipate issues, demonstrate your recovery capability, and adapt for a more resilient future.

  • Ensure that your operational resilience program is aligned with your ERM, third-party risk management and IT risk management processes

  • Collaborate and communicate the complexity behind delivering services

  • Understand the impact of a compromised resource and quickly identify vulnerabilities

Holistic insights

Ready-made dashboards and reports deliver insights that help you measure resilience progress, test your scenarios, and drive decision-making.

  • Visibility of your resilience and business continuity programs, integrated with your risk management systems

  • Continuously improve with year-on-year reporting and workflow reminders

  • Report on scenario testing progress and failures, identify resource interdependencies and vulnerabilities

  • Report easily to stakeholders and understand the impact of your resilience posture on your customers, your business and the market

Capture, measure and actively monitor

Use pre-designed dashboards and reports to measure progress and drive decision-making with consolidated, structured data.

  • Understand resource interdependencies and your most important services and your most critical operations and reliance

  • Drive consistency in reporting and decision-making across your business

  • Communicate your resilience position with boards and senior management

Address regulatory requirements

Clear line of sight visibility to regulators that you are building your operational resilience and business continuity capacity.

  • Identify and analyse critical operations and set impact tolerances

  • Enable accurate records, communication and ongoing documentation of your business processes

  • Document supporting processes and resources, such as systems and vendors, and test your scenarios

  • Have confidence that you are addressing APRA’s CPS 230 requirements for a best-practice approach to resilience

Operational resilience brochure.

Ensure that your operational resilience and business continuity management processes are able to support your customers and meet your regulatory requirements.

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The complete guide to achieving operational resilience.

What makes operational resilience different from disaster recovery and business continuity ?

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Popular register packages for operational resilience

Operational Resilience

The Operational Resilience registers and dashboards helps you manage and grow your resilience.

  • Know if you are resilient

  • Save time and effort capturing resilience data and reporting on critical services, operations, and processes

  • Capture and report on specific resource types, disruption scenarios

  • Meet regulator expectations

Resilience Self Assessment Report

This ready-made report integrates with Protecht’s Operational Resilience registers, delivering a point-in-time view of a single critical service, focussing on:

  • Resilience ratings

  • Disruption scenarios and their risk ratings

  • Impacted resources

  • Test results

  • Actions

Resilience Interdependencies Report

This report helps you understand the resources your organisation relies on most. Integrated with the Operational Resilience registers, the report:

  • Provides headline insight into the criticality, vulnerability, type, and recovery time objectives of your resources

  • Makes it simple understand how many of your critical services and processes are dependent on a resource, and the health rating of each resource

Vendor Management

Streamline your assessment, monitoring and management of risk from third party suppliers. The Vendor Management registers and dashboards help you:

  • Gain a centralised, integrated view of your vendors, their contracts, and their risk profile

  • Keep on top of vendor reviews

  • Provide oversight and management with analytic insights on active vendors, their attributes and related risk management activity

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