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Product demonstration webinar

Continuity and resilience: Why you need both and how Protecht provides them.

On-demand webinar

Protecht ERM’s operational resilience module is now backed up with a business continuity planning and management capability, allowing you to prepare, withstand, recover and adapt.

In this product demonstration webinar will help you understand how you can use Protecht ERM to ensure visibility, planning and testing for the processes and resources that are key to your ongoing success.

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Justin Eley

Head of Product, Protecht

Madeleine Brundell

ERM Advisor, Protecht

Key information and topics covered 

  • Purpose-built operational resilience visual mapping and impact analysis tools
  • Key details of critical services, such as the maximum tolerable disruption or impact tolerance and risk assessments
  • Mapping critical services, IT assets, and operations to their supporting processes, resources and disruption scenarios
  • Identifying vulnerabilities with visual indicators of resource health or vulnerability, criticality and recovery time objectives
  • Visibility of your business continuity and resilience programs
  • Monitoring your disaster recovery and crisis management capabilities as part of the BCM process

About the presenters

Head of Product, Protecht

Justin Eley is the global Head of Product for the Protecht Group. He has extensive experience in product management, delivery and transformation across the risk management software industry, with a focus on end-to-end customer-centric design.

ERM Advisor, Protecht

Madeleine Brundell is an ERM Advisor at the Protecht Group with over 10  years' experience in the business continuity industry. As an ERM Advisor Madeleine is responsible for advising a suite of Protecht ERM customers on how to best utilise their system and assisting with the ongoing enhancement and use cases of the tool within the company to ensure it is well embedded and utilised to its full potential.