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Workplace health and safety

Workplace safety, made to work smarter.

Promptly address workplace health & safety incidents and hazards – and grow a culture of risk awareness and safety.

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Identify, investigate, mitigate

Empower your organisation to identify, investigate and mitigate health and safety risks and incidents.

  • Create a single system for all WHS risks, incidents and hazards

  • Centralise consistent taxonomies for risk events, root causes and controls

  • Dynamically link data

  • Mobile app for incident notification anywhere, anytime

Insights to continually improve

Safety insights highlight systemic problems, such as your greatest health and safety risks and hazards, your ineffective controls.

  • Aggregate holistic, linked data for trends and priority areas

  • Present, workshop and analyse crucial safety insights with ease

  • Drive decision-making with data

  • Determine the overall state of workplace safety

  • Track performance with the powerful Safety in Motion Dashboard

Develop a safety culture

Enable action and facilitate communication within the company so everyone can be a safety hero.

  • Clear forms for front line to notify of incidents and hazards

  • Automate workflow alerts and reminders to escalate and follow up

  • Role-based user experience – from front-line to C-suite

  • Create custom PDF, Excel and PPT reports

Demonstrate compliance

Manage regulatory change and comply with local rules, laws and regulations. Be prepared for regulatory changes in health and safety.

  • Integrate compliance content from external providers to stay on top of current obligations

  • Address requirements for working with children or vulnerable individuals

  • Ensure understanding with regulatory advice in plain English

Workplace health and safety brochure.

Promptly address workplace health & safety incidents and hazards – and grow a culture of risk awareness and safety.

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A definitive guide to culture and conduct risk.

Understand if your business has the key traits of a good risk culture.

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Preconfigured content - for a turnkey launch

Optimise your risk management at the click of a button. Set up and maintain your ERM system with Marketplace: preconfigured registers, dashboards and reports.

Popular register packages for workplace health and safety

Incident Management

Support your processes and staff with a pre-designed register and dashboard that enable:

  • Faster, consistent reporting of incidents

  • Oversight and management to identify and act on systemic issues

  • Easier communication on incidents to executive and the board

Actions Management

Gain visibility of risk and compliance management actions to ensure they are carried out by the right people and at the right time. The Actions Management register and dashboard help you:

  • Create and supervise any type of action

  • Assign owners and contributors

  • Follow-up and escalate actions

  • Identify overdue actions

Audit Management

Stay on top of audits and prevent unnecessary duplication with Line 2 assurance work. Registers and dashboards provide greater visibility and oversight, allowing you to:

  • Integrate audit records with impacted risks and controls

  • Centrally capture findings and assign them

  • Collate outcomes of external audits

  • Understand audit progression and ratings


Address the legal requirements and associated risks that involve working with children or vulnerable individuals:

  • Registers and dashboards that record the status of a Working With Children Check (WWCC)

  • Record WWCC details, assign actions to renew or track expiring or expired checks

  • Identify and assess risks related to safeguarding issues

  • Develop appropriate actions and interventions to mitigate these risks

Safety Event Management

Have a clear view of the overall state of workplace safety. The advanced registers and dashboards will help you to

  • Collaborate with workplace health and safety teams to report, review, triage and investigate incidents

  • Visualise the safety status with advanced dashboards and reports

  • Identify trends over time and make informed decisions about your safety program

Safety in Motion

Track risks and risk assessments using this dashboard. Track against:

  • Audit findings

  • Hazards and incidents

  • KRIs and actions

Case study

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