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Incident management product demonstration webinar

Control incidents. Command outcomes.

Thursday, 30 May 2024: 11:00 AM - 11:20 AM AEST | 1:00 PM - 1:20 PM NZST

Incidents are an almost unavoidable reality for any organisation. Strong incident management, however, will help you minimise loss, disruption and potential penalties when events occur.

How your organisation manages incidents can mean the difference between minor disruption and major crisis. Protecht ERM offers a robust framework designed to streamline and strengthen your organisation's incident management processes.

Join us for a concise yet comprehensive 20-minute webinar that will equip you with the tools to not only manage but master the art of incident management. Protecht’s Head of Sales APAC, Adel Fakhreddine, will guide you through the strategic advantages of Protecht ERM for both everyday and crisis incident management.

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Adel Fakhreddine

Head of Sales, Protecht

Key information and topics covered:

  • Efficient logging of incidents: Learn how Protecht ERM reduces the time your staff spends on recording incidents and breaches, including both actual occurrences and near misses.
  • Systemic issue identification: Discover how Protecht ERM helps pinpoint underlying systemic issues, enabling timely corrective actions that prevent future incidents.
  • Executive communication: Understand the tools Protecht provides for effective communication of incidents to executives and board members, ensuring informed decision-making.
  • Regulatory compliance reporting: Gain insights into how Protecht ERM aids in reporting notifiable incidents and breaches, aligning with regulatory requirements.
  • Crisis management tracking: Explore the functionalities of Protecht ERM's crisis management section that captures and tracks every detail of a crisis event from onset to resolution.
  • Detailed reporting outputs: See how Protecht ERM can produce comprehensive reports detailing every aspect of a crisis, including related regulatory compliance, strategies implemented, meeting minutes, and actions taken.

Who will benefit

This webinar is ideally suited for Chief Risk Officers, Compliance Officers, Risk Managers, and any professionals involved in risk management, compliance, or corporate governance.

It is beneficial for those looking to enhance their organisation’s resilience and response strategies in handling incidents and breaches.

About the presenters

Head of Sales, Protecht

Adel Fakhreddine is a highly skilled sales management professional with a proven track record in account management, new business development and leadership skills based on a foundation of integrity, trust and ethics. His key area of focus besides risk and compliance is business research, marketing and technology.