Operational resilience: What is a resilient organisation?

The recent regulatory focus on operational resilience has been based around processes that manage disruption to the delivery of key business services ... Read more

Operational resilience: Where is global regulation heading?

Regulators have been tackling the field of operational resilience head on for the last few years. Let’s explore what is happening in some key ... Read more

New APRA standard takes an outcome-based approach to operational risk

APRA has released its draft Standard CPS 230: Operational Risk Management, which rationalises multiple existing standards and guidance while also ... Read more

Operational Resilience Series #1: What is operational resilience?

Operational resilience is one of the key concepts getting serious airplay on the current risk management stage among governments, regulators and ... Read more

How resilient is Australia’s critical infrastructure?

When risk assessments become regulatory obligations, there is a danger that they are seen as a ‘tick the box’ exercise, with only enough effort to ... Read more

Year of discontent: Will strikes hit your business?

The increased cost of living is putting pressure on households and hence is driving labour strikes and industrial action around the world. Even if ... Read more

Rogers outage: When a resilience failure takes out a nation

The Rogers outage in Canada didn’t just hit the telecoms network’s connectivity, but also payments systems and even hospitals. Operational resilience ... Read more

Cyber risk: Bringing resilience to remote working

As businesses worldwide play catch-up with the latest malware, enterprise risk management teams need to enhance risk and compliance practices around ... Read more

Operational resilience: Standalone or an integral part of ERM?

Your operational resilience capability follows the same principles as risk management, and it calls upon and integrates with a wide range of existing ... Read more

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Managing Risk and Compliance in a COVID-19 World

This is the time for a well-developed, well-embedded and well-operated enterprise risk management framework and processes. It is not a time to throw away risk management thinking. It is a time to bring it into action.
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Redefining Risk - Never Look at Risk the Same Way Again

What was once a backstage concern must now play a leading role. The reality is, if you want to be better as a company, you need to get better at taking risks.

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