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Risk Manager

Bring your risk management framework to life and manage all risks across the organisation.

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Compliance Manager

Focus on the right things by taking away the manual and time-consuming processes of managing compliance obligations. 

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Internal Auditor

Manage the full audit process with audit plans, final reports and findings. 

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Operational Resilience

Identify and manage potential disruption so you can provide the critical services your customers and community rely on.

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All industries covered

Unleash new risk management possibilities for businesses of all sizes and risk maturity stage. Our risk management and operation resilience solutions cover government, financial services, retail, transport, not-for-profit, property management, gaming and entertainment, education and more.

Risk Management Software

A Complete and Flexible Risk Management Solution

Risk Assessment


Risk and Controls Self-Assessment: Protecht.ERM delivers centralised divisional and group risk assessments as well as control testing to support control effectiveness ratings. 

Operational Resilience


Protecht’s Operational Resilience module helps you identify and manage potential disruption so you can provide the critical services your customers and community rely on.

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Compliance Management


Create automated Compliance Attestations based on internal or external policies and regulations. Centrally manage obligations and breaches in a single platform.

Internal Audit


Plan and execute internal audits. Streamline management of any internal audit findings.

Key Risk Indicators


Enable users to enter and track their Key Risk Indicators (KRIs),  Key Control Indicators (KCIs) and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Quickly and easily see trends in risk appetite and performance metrics through highly visual analytics.

Incident Management


Allows quick and easy capture and notification of incidents with subsequent investigation and corrective actions. ORX reporting available.

Actions Management


Treatment plans for risk assessments, incidents and more captured in a simple action form for all users. Assignment and followup automated through email notifications.

Custom Registers


Convert your paper or electronic forms into fully customisable registers. Examples include WHS Management, Third-Party Management, IT Security Risk Management and more.

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Trusted by well known organisations


Samir Arsiwala

Global Head of Risk, Impax

“We needed to develop a holistic view and structured processes around risk management. Protecht delivered a truly focused, but also highly flexible approach, resulting in a seamless journey.”


Paul Cunniff

Chief Financial Officer, Freeway

“The deployment of Protecht.ERM has enabled us to engage all parts of the business in risk management: a key goal for us was embedding risk into the culture at Freeway. Protecht have shown us that risk isn’t just a regulatory issue, or an FCA issue, or an insurance issue. It’s a business issue.”


Richard Ings

Head of Business Assurance, Security & Risk, The British Council

“Protecht.ERM has provided greater visibility, improved transparency, and more efficient workflow. Our country operational teams can report incidents and implement actions in a more timely and standardised manner, and senior management can take better informed data-driven decisions.”


Matthew Spithill

Chief Financial Officer, AXA Investment Managers

“Protecht.ERM allows us to continuously improve our risk and compliance management processes. As we work our way further down our risk tree, we feel confident that we have all key risks appropriately mitigated, despite knowing that the risks we face constantly change.


Redefining the Way the World Thinks
About Risk


Why we are different

We are risk management experts. We offer complete and cost effective risk management and operational resilience solutions to help you achieve your strategic objectives. We are fearless in our pursuit to innovate risk solutions that raise the bar of the possibilities of risk management.

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Knowledge Centre


Operational Resilience: The ultimate goal in risk management?


This webinar explores what it means to be resilient and what practical processes are required to understand, analyse, test and strengthen operational resilience across an organisation. 

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Operational Resilience: Industry survey results


Read the results of our global survey of risk professionals worldwide to find out their organisations’ operational resilience understanding and requirements. 

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Impax Assess Management Case Study


Following rapid growth, Impax engaged Protecht to design and implement a holistic, forward-looking risk management system.

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The Complete Guide to Achieving Operational Resilience


Download this eBook for a detailed look at operational resilience, and to learn how you can develop your own operational resilience capability and integrate it with your ERM framework.


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Manage your risk from anywhere in the world with the most complete online risk management and operation resilience software. Flexible and easy to use with no coding required, Protecht.ERM is suitable for organisations of any size, industry and risk maturity stage.

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