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Buyer's guide

Enterprise risk management solutions. A buyer's guide.

What an ERM solution is, why your organisation needs one, how to convince other stakeholders that you need one, and how to evaluate which one meets your needs.

Key information and topics covered 

Protecht's Enterprise Risk Management Solutions Buyer's Guide is designed to help those who are considering investing in a software solution to support their enterprise risk management (ERM) processes. This includes risk management, compliance, IT/cyber, vendor and third party, internal audit, operational resilience, and workplace health and safety – no matter what part of the organisation they are from.

The guide also discusses the importance of having the right expertise to implement ERM software, so that the potential for deploying a successful program is maximised. It provides information that others in your company may find useful when considering how technology can help them.

Investing in an ERM technology solution is an important undertaking for all involved – it’s critical for the company to purchase the right software and implementation services, to meet its needs both today and tomorrow. This guide aims to support you and your organisation on that journey.

“We were operating with fragmented approaches, and different teams were recording issues and incidents. We realized that what we really needed was to bring these fragments together to develop a holistic view and structured processes around risk management.” – Global Head of Risk, Fintech


What you will learn 

What ERM is and why you need it

  • What is the purpose of this Buyers Guide?
  • Today’s challenges
  • Why manual and non-integrated approaches are no longer effective                                          
  • How organisations are maturing
  • What are the barriers?

Engaging your organisation in ERM

  • How can ERM help?
  • What is the buyer journey
  • Gathering information from stakeholders                     
  • Building a business case
  • Refine and submit the business case
Reference Guide: How to assess ERM solutions
  • Core ERM solutions
  • Supporting users
  • Essential ERM workflows                                                 
  • ERM technology
  • Actionable ERM analytics and reporting
  • Expert implementation and thought leadership                   
  • Summary checklist