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White paper

Enterprise risk management for fintechs.

How to ensure you have the rapid agile ERM framework to support your rapid agile growth plans.

About this white paper 

It’s easy to think of risk management as being about regulatory compliance, but the best way to consider ERM is as an enabler for your business that provides you with a competitive advantage: having an integrated view of your risk environment is vital for growth. If you can’t see all your risks in one place and relate them to your business objectives, you’ll struggle to achieve your goals.

Not only is the industry growing and changing at pace, but individual firms are typically evolving at speed. Given the dynamic nature of the industry in which they operate, this is to be expected: agility and speed-to-market are crucial. Nevertheless, rapid growth almost always leads to a range of changes and challenges

This guide is aimed at fintechs at all stages in their development, including organisations such as online payments and remittance providers, transformative digital approaches to traditional online business models (e.g. mortgage broking, asset management), and companies which are seeking to establish new online product categories and asset classes (e.g. cryptocurrency).

It provides fintech risk managers, executives and boards with a practical overview of the steps required to make risk management into a truly powerful business driver as your company grows and matures.


What you will learn 

  • How the fintech landscape is evolving
  • Why ERM is crucial to fintech growth
  • What the top five fintech risk areas are
  • How you can engage your whole business and culture in ERM
  • What the next steps are for implementing an ERM system