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Thought leadership webinar

Model Risk Management:
The next hot topic in regulatory compliance.

On demand webinar

What every compliance professional needs to know to unlock the secrets of model risk and meet regulatory expectations.

In the ever-evolving realm of regulatory compliance, managing and mitigating model risk is a paramount challenge.

Join us for an insightful webinar where industry expert Jared Siddle, Protecht Group's Director of Risk North America, delves into the intricacies of Model Risk Management (MRM) and regulatory compliance.

From understanding the nuances of model validation to implementing robust governance and compliance frameworks, this session promises to equip participants with the knowledge to fortify their organisations against potential pitfalls.

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Jared Siddle

Director of Risk, North America, Protecht

Terence Lee

Vice President, North America, Protecht

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Information and topics covered 

Model risk management involves managing risks associated with financial or analytical models. It’s a vital aspect of an organisation's broader enterprise risk management program. We'll discuss:

  • Mastering model validation techniques: Uncover the art and science of effective model validation
  • Navigating regulatory compliance: Gain a comprehensive understanding of the regulatory landscape governing model risk
  • Implementing proactive governance strategies: Explore practical strategies for implementing robust model governance frameworks

Key takeaways

  • Learn advanced techniques to assess model accuracy, stability, and reliability, ensuring that your models stand up to the scrutiny of evolving market conditions
  • Explore best practices for aligning your organisation's models with the latest regulatory requirements, fostering a culture of compliance and risk resilience
  • Discover how to establish clear lines of accountability, enhance transparency, and proactively manage model risk throughout its lifecycle, safeguarding your organisation from unforeseen challenges

Target audience

This webinar is tailored for:

  • Chief Risk Officers
  • Risk Analysts and Managers
  • Chief Compliance Officers
  • Compliance Managers
  • Professionals seeking to enhance their organisation's risk management framework

About the presenters

Director of Risk, North America, Protecht

Jared Siddle is a Qualified Risk Director who has been Head of Risk Management at three different companies, including two of the world's largest asset managers. He has proven success in banking, fund management and other financial service companies across over 26 countries. Jared is passionate about Governance, Risk, Compliance & Sustainability. He is an expert at designing, developing and executing customized enterprise-wide risk frameworks.

Vice President, North America, Protecht

Terence Lee is Protecht's Vice President, North America. Terry joined Protecht in 2022 to facilitate our growth in North America, bringing extensive experience in governance, risk, compliance, and incident management. Terry has led sales, product, and marketing teams at risk and compliance software vendors, and is a recognized expert in ERM, vendor risk, business continuity, regulatory change management, and resilience.