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Product demonstration webinar

How Protecht ERM allows your organisation to meet Consumer Duty requirements.

Webinar on demand

Trying to navigate the maze of product governance in UK financial services? Join our exclusive product demonstration and discover how Protecht ERM lets you align your business with the UK government's Consumer Duty requirements.

Find out how Protecht ERM allows you to digitise manual processes, enhance product and customer lifecycles, and maintain compliance. From end-to-end visibility to linking datasets for comprehensive product performance insights, to emphasising customer outcomes, Protecht ERM not only simplifies product governance but also lets you proactively manage product health, taking you a step closer to great product governance and outstanding customer outcomes.

Register now to watch this on-demand webinar led by Protecht's Ryan Knapton, and set your organisation on the path to seamless compliance and optimal product management. 


Ryan Knapton

ERM Implementation Project Manager , Protecht

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Key information and topics covered 

  • Introduction

  • Key features of Protecht ERM

    • Digitises manual processes enhancing both product and customer life cycles.
    • Product lifecycle
    • Customer lifecycle
  • Specific screens and registers
    • Product governance workspace
    • Detailed product view
    • KRI module
    • Risk management and assessment
    • Consumer duty register
  • Conclusions

About the presenters

ERM Implementation Project Manager , Protecht

Ryan Knapton is ERM Implementation Project Manager at Protecht.

Prior to working at Protecht Ryan built up extensive experience in leading risk, compliance and regulatory projects at major financial services institutions in the UK, Europe and Africa. He has also worked as a systems and process implementation consultant for multiple clients in the financial services industry.