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Safety event management product demonstration.

Workplace safety, made to work harder.

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Empower your organisation with actionable insights to manage and mitigate safety events for a safer, more resilient workplace.

The importance of workplace safety cannot be overstated. With the potential of health and safety incidents to disrupt operations, tarnish reputation, and affect morale, Protecht’s Safety Event Management package stands as a comprehensive solution tailored to address near misses, incidents and hazards.

Join Adel Fakhreddine, Head of Sales, and Shumit Hoque, Product Manager at Protecht, to discover the capabilities of Protecht’s Safety Event Management package.

Find out more about the key benefits of the new solution:

  • Unified system: Streamline all health & safety risks, incidents, and hazards within a cohesive, integrated platform.
  • Dynamic data linking: Ensure uniformity with centralised taxonomies for risk events, root causes, and controls.
  • New registers: View the safety event management register, gaining insights on how to effectively record and manage safety events, and understand the included workflow rules.
  • New dashboards: Get a firsthand look at the new safety dashboards, and discover how they can help you identify trends and make data-driven decisions.


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Adel Fakhreddine

Head of Sales, Protecht

Shumit Hoque

Product Manager, Protecht

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"Understanding the overall state of workplace safety isn't merely about compliance; it's about creating an environment where every individual feels valued and protected."

Key information and topics covered:

  • Introduction to the Safety Event Management package
  • Exploring the 'Safety Event Management' register
  • Workflow rules and their strategic value
  • Comprehensive overview of dashboards: 'Safety Event', 'Safety Event Incident', and 'Safety in

Target audience

  • Health and safety managers
  • WHS teams
  • Compliance officers
  • Risk managers

About the presenters

Head of Sales, Protecht

Adel Fakhreddine is a highly skilled sales management professional with a proven track record in account management, new business development and leadership skills based on a foundation of integrity, trust and ethics. His key area of focus besides risk and compliance is business research, marketing and technology.

Product Manager, Protecht

Sumit Hoque is a Product Manager at Protecht. He has extensive experience in product management with several years of experience as a product manager for SaaS based organisations.