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Thought leadership webinar

Vendor risk management: When due diligence ends and risk management begins.

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Enterprise Risk Management now needs to be Extended Enterprise Risk Management. The days of blaming issues with a third party for your troubles are long gone. The management of your third parties/extended enterprise and the related supply chains is now expected as part of good risk management.

However, it is not easy. We have less influence and transparency over our third parties as separate legal entities yet what they do and the risks they experience can be a major source of risk for us.

For most organisations, vendors are the most significant third party and – as a result – are the major source of third-party risk. As a result, it makes sense to focus on vendors and the management of the various risks they pose.

This webinar with Protecht’s Chief Research and Content Officer, David Tattam and Research and Director of Advisory, Gary Lynam, provides you with an overview of vendor risk management’s drivers and benefits, and set out how you should go about implementing your organisation’s VRM programme.


David Tattam

Chief Research and Content Officer, Protecht

Gary Lynam

Managing Director, EMEA, Protecht

Key information and topics covered 

  1. Introduction
      • Importance, and drivers of third-party risk management
      • Why bother? - The benefits of VRM
      • Scoping your third party risk management function with a focus on vendors

    2. The key risks arising from vendors

    3. The VRM process
      • Selection and Onboarding
      • Ongoing monitoring
      • Offboarding

    4. Implementing a successful VRM program

About the presenters

Chief Research and Content Officer, Protecht

David Tattam is the Chief Research & Content Officer and co-founder of the Protecht Group. David's vision is to redefine the way the world thinks about risk and to develop risk management to its rightful place as being a key driver of value creation in each of Protecht's customers.

David is the driving force in taking Protecht's risk thinking to the frontiers of what is possible in risk management and to support the uplift of people risk capability through training and content.

Managing Director, EMEA, Protecht

Gary Lynam has a strong track record delivering large scale and complex engagements across the financial services industry, specialising in risk and compliance solutions. He is a member of the Global Association of Risk Professionals and has a MSc in Finance and Capital Markets.