Work Health and Safety Software

Keep your workforce safe

Demonstrate Compliance

Features WHS Register Entry

Our health and safety software allows you to streamline and standardize your WHS management processes, improve business performance and ensure compliance with rules and laws.

Safer Workplace

Features WHS Dashboard

Gain insights on important issues and risks across the entire organization, linking your registers and allowing you to see trends and identify root causes.

Do Your Work Faster

Features WHS Registers

Protecht.ERM comes with pre-configured registers such as employee’s right to work & qualifications, incidents & injuries and environment management.

Mobile App

Features WHS Incidents Mobile

Make sure all incidents and hazards are logged, monitored and investigated by using our mobile app – incidents can be logged on-site, triggering action for investigation immediately.

Identify WHS risks and hazards immediately and understand the root causes.

Safety In Motion

Get a fluid picture of your safety risks by linking your registers to see trends and identify root causes in our Work Health and Safety management system.

Incident Management

Allows quick and easy capture and notification of incidents with subsequent investigation and corrective actions. ORX reporting available.


Increase your confidence. Are the best controls in place?

Risk and Controls Self-Assessment

Protecht.ERM delivers centralized divisional and group risk assessments as well as control testing to support control effectiveness ratings.

Actions Management

Treatment plans for risk assessments, incidents and more captured in a simple action form for all users. Assignment and followup automated through email notifications.

Risk and Control Central Libraries

Consistent terminology for risks, controls and causes with our user accessible libraries.


Work Health and Safety Management System

Examples of Included Registers

Document Management
  • Document Register
  • Organizational Positions
  • Corporate Responsibilities
  • Emergency Planning
  • Emergency Equipment
Employee Management
  • Employer Register
  • Contractor Register
  • Induction and Training Register
  • Qualification Register
  • Sign-In/Sign-Out Register
Risk Management
  • Hazard Register
  • Plant & Equipment Register
  • Maintenance Register
  • Hazardous Substances Register
  • JSW/SWMS Register

Incident and Injury Management
  • Incident Register
  • Injury Register
  • Return to Work Register


Reports and Records Management
  • KPIs Dashboard
  • Incident Dashboard
  • Hazard Dashboard
  • Compliance Register
  • Insurance
Monitoring and Continuous Improvement
  • Checklist Register
  • Audit Register
  • Hazard Dashboard
  • Actions/Tasks Register


Environmental Management
  • KPI's Environmental Aspects
  • Impact to Work Register



Asked Questions

About our WHS Software

Is the system available on a mobile device?
Yes, there is an app available for mobile iOS and Android.
Can I link my incidents to my Hazards, Audits and Obligations?

Users can link incidents or any other activity or event in the system on a one to one, one to many, many to many and many to one basis. This means incidents can link to hazards, obligations and or audits at the very least.

Can your system comply with best practice standards and procedures?

Protecht.ERM is ISO 27001 certified. As an OHS management software is fully capable of aligning to any of the below major standards.

  • ISO 27001 Information Security Management
  • ISO 9001 (Quality Management)
  • ISO 14001 (Environmental Management)
  • ISO 31000 (Risk Management)
  • ISO 55001 (Asset Management)
  • ISO 45001 (Occupational Health and Safety Management)
Can the system notify me when incidents happen?

Protecht.ERM contains a fully configurable Workflow module which allows for the creation and modification of workflow rules that are triggered when one or more conditions are met in one or more fields within a record. Workflow rules can trigger email notifications which can include details of the record that triggered the notification as well as links back into the triggering record. Email recipients are also able to respond to the notification email.

Can I create reports to monitor Lost Time Injuries (LTIs), frequency rates (LTIFR), etc?

Protecht.ERM has an integrated Analytics engine allowing for the creation of any type of report or dashboard based on mash-ups of any data element stored in the database, including by region or business unit - all within one WHS software. This allows for extensive data analytics to be performed in real time or scheduled to be run as required.

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