Operational Resilience in Protecht.ERM

Prepare, withstand, recover and adapt when disruption strikes

Protecht’s Operational Resilience module helps your organization withstand disruption and continue to provide the products and services your customers and community rely on.

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Protecht.ERM Operational Resilience - Scenarios and Tests Dashboard

Know if you’re resilient, prioritize the right risks and controls to fix

  • Manage resilience testing
  • Identify vulnerable risks and controls at a glance to prioritize improvement
  • 'Connect the dots' across business units for effective oversight
  • Continuously improve with year-on-year reporting and workflow reminders
A view of the process visualisation tool in the Protecht.ERM Operational Resilience module

End-to-end visibility of critical processes and services

  • Identify and self-assess your critical processes and applications
  • Anticipate issues with end-to-end visibility
  • Map your services to their supporting processes and resources
  • Collaborate and understand the complexity behind delivering products and services
Protecht.ERM Operational Resilience - Processes screen and Resilience Rating widgets from the dashboard

Save time and effort capturing data and reporting

  • Maximize the benefit of your existing risk management framework and taxonomy data – connection with RCSA, Incident Management & Crisis Management plans
  • Keep a single source of truth
  • Easily manage your reporting obligations
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Address regulatory requirements

Extend your capability to address BCM requirements under the FFIEC BCM Handbook, OCC and ISO 22301


Purpose-built visual mapping tool
Build, communicate, collaborate on visual process maps of your critical processes and applications. Check resource vulnerability, criticality, and recovery time objective at a glance
Templated register forms
Link and aggregate your data on resources, supporting processes and scenarios to the overarching service, impact tolerances and scenario testing
Monitoring through pre-designed reports and management dashboards
Focus on a single overarching application or process, its metrics, components and resilience. Or view summary reports of applications and processes, scenarios and testing overall
Scenario plan testing data capture
Manage scenario test activities
Integration with ERM framework
Keep a single source of truth. Link to existing data and taxonomies
Available as standalone module

Prepare, withstand, recover and adapt

Resilience is a characteristic but it must be backed up by a strong process.

Join us in a webinar as we explore what it means to be resilient and what practical processes are required to understand, analyze, test and strengthen operational resilience across an organization.

We'll also explore how these processes should form an integral part of your Enterprise Risk Management framework and capability.

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A view of the Protecht.ERM Operational Resilience visualisation tool

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