Risk Bow Tie Analysis in Protecht.ERM

Your key to effective root cause analysis and better risk understanding

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Analyse, communicate and workshop risks

Analyze, communicate and workshop risks

Bow Tie analysis has become the preeminent technique for analyzing and communicating risks across your organization. From root cause analysis of incidents to supporting controls assessment, the Bow Tie is an invaluable tool for every risk manager.

  • Pinpoint the root causes of your key risks easily, to ensure prevention rather than cure
  • Optimize your controls by identifying control gaps, control weaknesses, and excessive controls
  • Deliver better risk management through a clearer and deeper understanding of risks being managed
  • Use Bow Tie visualization in risk workshops to drive more effective risk assessment
Protecht.ERM Bow Tie Analysis Impacts and Controls

Visualization of your risk story made simple

  • Easily create and edit Bow Ties
  • Effortless links between Causes, Risks (including Interim Risks), Impacts and Controls
  • Export Bow Tie images to PDF, PNG
  • Share Bow Ties with colleagues for collaboration
  • Pull risk events from your organization’s Risk Events library

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access Bow Tie in Protecht.ERM?

Bow Tie is available to all current users of Protecht.ERM. Talk to your system administrator who can provide you with the correct permissions.

Is there an additional cost to use Bow Tie in Protecht.ERM?

No, the feature is available as part of your standard subscription cost.

Are Bow Ties linked to core libraries?

Yes, Bow Ties are linked to Risk, Causes and Controls libraries, so that your bow tie diagrams are consistent with existing taxonomies.

Is the Bow Tie feature available on mobile devices?

Yes, you can create risk bow ties on iOS mobile devices using the Protecht Bow Tie app available through the App Store.

Learn more about the Risk Bow Tie Analysis

Watch our webinar on-demand for an overview of the uses and the construction methods of Risk Bow Ties to assist you in making Risk Bow Tie Analysis an integral, essential and valuable part of your ERM framework.

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Watch the Risk Bow Tie Analysis webinar on-demand
Risk Bow Ties The easy way to understand and document risk

Make understanding risk more manageable

In order for risk to be manageable and understandable, we need to analyze small pockets rather than all risk together. With this graphical eBook, full of explanatory images, you will be able to see the value you can gain from a logical and simple way of looking at even the most complex of risks and incidents.

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