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Risk Management Software

Protecht.ERM: Your first choice for an integrated risk management system

Are you a Risk Manager?

Are you a Risk Manager?

Protecht.ERM can accommodate your risk framework and enables full linkage across the entire system.

Risks can be assessed across multiple departments and aggregated through highly graphical reporting, reducing GRC complexity.

Are you a Compliance Manager?

Are you a Compliance Manager?

Manage your compliance with regulatory obligations such as GDPR and the Senior Managers and Certification Regime via compliance attestations linked to underlying risks and controls.

Let the system automate reminders and escalations, allowing you to focus on analysis and remediation.

Are you a Business Manager?

Are you a Business Manager?

Understanding the nexus between risk and reward is simplified through the key risk indicator and key performance indicator functionality of Protecht.ERM.

Quickly and easily see whether the organisation is performing within appetite and where less – or more – risks can be taken.

One source of truth for your GRC information

You're in good company

Frequently asked questions

Where will my data be hosted?

All data will be hosted in a secure hosting facility within the United Kingdom.

Where is your Support Desk located?

Protecht Support Desk for our clients in the United Kingdom is available during UK business hours. Critical issue support is provided on a 24 x 7 basis.

Who provides your implementation services?

All implementation services and ongoing support and account management is provided by Protecht. Protecht does not rely on third parties to provide implementation services.

How much do additional modules cost?

Protecht.ERM is provided as a complete system with all functionality available. The flexible forms functionality allows for any data to be captured, work-flowed and accessed for highly graphical dashboards and reports

Does Protecht.ERM support GDPR and SM&CR compliance obligations?

Protecht.ERM provides a fully configurable obligations register and compliance attestation functionality to ensure compliance with obligations such as GDPR and SM&CR. Obligations can be linked to underlying risk events, controls and compliance questions to give a holistic, real-time view of compliance.

Ditch your spreadsheets

Let Protecht.ERM guide you through your risk management journey.