Protecht.ERM API and Integrations

Create seamless integrations with
your existing systems

Smoothly manage anything from provisioning user accounts, onboarding employees or
syncing IT asset lists to feeding multi-data reporting systems.

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Why integrate with Protecht.ERM?

You’re already using different systems to capture and store data.

Integrate that data with Protecht.ERM to streamline and automate processes – helping your team do more in less time.

How can integration help you?

  • Eliminate rekeying of data
  • Establish a single point of truth
  • Improve the quality of the data
  • Access existing large data sets
  • Combine data from different systems for analytics

We're easy to integrate with!

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LexisNexis: Get expert obligations content automatically added to registers in your Protecht.ERM system. Available with a LexisNexis subscription.



Power BI: Extract data from Protecht.ERM and use it in your Power BI engine to build your own reports and dashboards using Power BI.

Some of our other existing integrations include:

Protecht.ERM combines with SAP, Oracle, Mulesoft, ServiceNow, Okta, Zapier, Workato

We also offer these common integration options

SCIM (System for Cross-domain Identity Management): Manage all user accounts within your identity management system.

Single Sign-On (SSO): Allow users to log in without a separate username and password.

File Import: Load data from a file – manually or automated.

Protecht.ETL: Protecht.ETL is a small application hosted on premises to synchronise data (such as users and business units) back to Protecht.ERM.

Custom Integration: Want to build an integration between Protecht.ERM and your on-premises or SaaS application? Speak to
us. We have a dedicated technical team who specialise in building customer integrations.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I perform complex actions using Protecht.ERM APIs?

Yes. The Protecht.ERM REST API consists of several endpoints that each consist of multiple methods for retrieving, creating, updating, and deleting records. The operations are granular, which means they each perform a specific singular action and can be chained together to perform a more complex action.

Can I integrate Protecht.ERM with my existing CRM, DMS or other enterprise SaaS tool?

Yes. We have existing integrations with many other third party services, and even if we don't have the one you want currently, we can create custom integrations simply and speedily.

Are there other options for integration apart from API?

Yes. We provide multiple options such as SSO, SCIM, File Import, as well as a proprietary integration application, Protecht.ETL.

Can I use a third party integration platform to integrate with Protecht.ERM?

Yes. Protecht.ERM can integrate with Integration as a Service (iPaaS) platforms. These iPaaS platforms allow users to use pre-built connectors to connect different 3rd party applications, define complex business rules, maps and transformations logic that meets your business requirements and orchestrate integration flows. This opens up endless possibilities to create integration flows with thousands of 3rd party applications and Protecht.ERM.