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White paper

CPS 230: How to apply the operational risk management standard.

“In the ever-evolving landscape of risk management, understanding APRA's CPS 230 is not just a regulatory necessity—it's a strategic imperative”

About this white paper 

Dive into the APRA's CPS 230 Operational Risk Management Standard with Protecht’s detailed
summary, highlighting its significance and implications for regulated entities. This document serves
as both a guide to compliance and a blueprint for enhancing operational risk management. Ensure
your organisation is ready to meet the deadline.

Reasons to read

  • Stay updated: Grasp the latest changes and requirements set by APRA.
  • Practical guidance: Navigate the complexities of the standard with actionable insights.
  • Save time: Get a consolidated overview, cutting through the regulatory jargon

Target audience

Risk management professionals, compliance officers, and senior management in regulated entities.
Enhance your understanding, ensure compliance, and drive strategic risk management initiatives.

Learning outcomes

  • Understand the key principles underpinning the CPS 230 standard.
  • Gain insights into the roles and responsibilities emphasised by the standard.
  • Learn about the operational risk management focus and its alignment with other standards like CPS 234.
  • Discover the renewed approach to business continuity and third-party service provider management.
  • Equip yourself with a roadmap to achieve CPS 230 compliance, tailored to your organisation's needs.

Bringing it together with Protecht ERM

Protecht ERM is an integrated risk and resilience solution that aligns with the pillars of the CPS 230 standard. From developing an effective operational risk management framework to enhancing board accountability, Protecht ERM is your one-stop solution. Dive into analytics, streamline service provider due diligence, and gain a holistic view of risk, all under one platform