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How to promote Risk Culture in your team

In a recent discussion with a colleague on preparing for 'black swan' events, we concluded that regardless of the size, type and structure of an ... Read more

Why Risk Management Should Be Part Of Every Business Strategy

David Tattam, Executive Director and Founder of Protecht, was recently interviewed by Marcelo Concha, owner of REO Recruitment on the need have risk ... Read more

How to Reduce Risks Caused By Human Error

What is Human Error? Risk events often have many contributing causes, a common one being ‘human error’. But what is human error and can it be ... Read more

Changing the Risk Conversation

Three Key Questions Have you ever tried having a conversation with a risk practitioner about risk management concepts without using the word ‘risk’? ... Read more

The Risk of Gifts and Entertainment

As we approach the end of the calendar year, businesses grapple with the issue of giving and receiving gifts and entertainment to and from suppliers, ... Read more

Risk Management Controls in Tough Mudder

See the Slideshare and find the pictures of Protecht team members in Action Tough Mudder is an endurance event series in which participants attempt ... Read more

A Real Life Risk Story…

This happened in the Protecht Neighbourhood I have read many posts recently where questions were asked about how to define a risk, and other about ... Read more

10 Great Features of Protecht Enterprise Risk Management Software

Having an (ERM) has become a MUST Enterprise Risk Management has become a must for all organisations, regardless of size, complexity and industry ... Read more

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Managing Risk and Compliance in a COVID-19 World

This is the time for a well-developed, well-embedded and well-operated enterprise risk management framework and processes. It is not a time to throw away risk management thinking. It is a time to bring it into action.
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Redefining Risk - Never Look at Risk the Same Way Again

What was once a backstage concern must now play a leading role. The reality is, if you want to be better as a company, you need to get better at taking risks.

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