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Risk Culture is the system of values and behaviours in an organisation that guides all risk-related decisions. We believe that getting the right culture to support risk management is one of the most critical ingredients for an organisation’s success.

Risk Culture is multi-faceted and can be difficult to measure. At Protecht, we created the Risk Culture Dashboard to help you overcome this challenge. It shows how your organisation is interacting with Protecht.ERM and how that usage changes over time.

Understanding attitudes to risk - The Risk Culture -are fundamental to gaining confidence that an institution has robust risk management.

Wayne Byres, Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA) Chair,
Helping regain the trust (speech to the Annual Risk Management Association CRO Conference)

The dashboard generates an overall risk culture score by running information from across Protecht.ERM through an internally developed algorithm. The data gives you a breakdown of components that make up the overall score, allowing you to target key areas of the framework that might need attention.

It shows you where you are today compared to where you were in the past, so you can see if you are continually improving.


Risk Culture Dashboard - white mockup


Risk Culture Dashboard in Protecht.ERM

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Get a new perspective on your Risk Culture 

See changes over time and target key areas

The Risk Culture Dashboard shows you:

  • Where you need to focus more attention
  • If your risk team is getting maximum value out of Protecht.ERM
  • If end users are interacting with Protecht.ERM consistently

With this insight, you can then determine if you need to change how you’re using the system going forward to continue to unlock more value.

The Risk Culture Dashboard is dynamic and updated with the latest month’s data. We’ve produced a base dashboard that you can tailor if you choose.


Risk Culture is complex and the dashboard is just one perspective. When used in conjunction with other risk culture tools available in Protecht.ERM - such as the risk culture survey or governance self-assessment - you can bring together the full picture of your culture.

As more clients adopt the dashboard, we will develop benchmarking and comparatives against peer groups.

The Risk Culture Dashboard generates an overall score based on a range of indicators across the following areas:

The Risk Culture Dashboard indicators

The Risk Culture Dashboard Indicators.


To learn more about this new Protecht.ERM feature, just book an online or a face to face meeting with our friendly team.


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