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The release of version 9.0 sees a brand new layout, making it easier for you to use and navigate Protecht.ERM like never before. And with our new native mobile app for Apple and Android, you can engage more people on Risk Management when and how it suits them.

Highlights of version 9.0

  • Manage risk on-the-go with our new mobile app: engage more staff across your organisation in a way that suits them, increase engagement and lift response rates
  • Enjoy a better experience with a modern and dynamic look and feel

Major enhancements! See them in action


New look!

Fresh New User Interface with modern theme: We have a fresh new look with an updated user interface. Menus, windows, dialogs, and fields still work in the same way— but they’ve had a makeover.  If you like, you can choose your own accent colour for the menus and headers.


Action bar

The main difference to functionality is the location of record action buttons (such as Edit, Copy, or Delete). In windows that contain lists of records in tables (such as Users, Risk Events, or Workflow), the buttons now appear as an action bar when you hover over the record. If you’re not sure what the button does, hover over it to see a tool-tip. See the screenshot example below.


Risk Events action bar

Protecht.ERM on mobile

Add incidents, issues, or actions on the move!

As part of this release, you can download Protecht.ERM for iOS or Android. The app is secure, convenient, and you can even use it offline.

  • Access any of your registers, such as incidents, issues, risks, or actions.
  • Create, edit, or delete records.
  • Create new records offline (in registers enabled for offline use).
  • Log incidents as they happen, attach screenshots and photos.
  • After your first login, use your phone's biometrics to access the app.


Other enhancements 

  • New conditional rules to prevent a record from changing state  - You can now set up a register so that the state (such as Open or Closed) of a record can't be changed until a specific condition is met.
  • Group compliance question assignment by category - It's now easier to filter or group compliance question assignments by category, with Category now available as a column in the Compliance Question Assignment window.
  • Improved register performance - We've improved the performance and load time of registers that have a sub-table defined as a single-select field.
  • Client Super User - Some clients have older super user roles with different names. All these legacy roles have now been consolidated into a role called "Client Super User".
  • Risk analytics - You can now report on the number of registers in your Protecht.ERM system as well as report on that number over time.
  • New security enhancements - Prevent Protecht.ERM from sending emails to any address outside of your organisation or from sending any emails;  Register information (e.g. number of entries) is no longer visible to anonymous users.

Refer to the release notes for a full description of the enhancements and bug fixes.

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