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Protecht and LexisNexis webinar

Cybersecurity risk management. How to tackle current and looming challenges.

On-demand webinar

The more we do business in the digital space, the more critical robust IT risk management becomes.

It is important that businesses actually understand what is happening in cybersecurity and how they can align with the relevant standards.


Peter Walker

Chief Technology Officer, Chief Information Security Officer, Protecht

Adel Fakhreddine

Head of Sales, Protecht

Kieran Seed

Head of Content, LexisNexis Regulatory Compliance Global

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Key information and topics covered 

This LexisNexis and Protecht webinar covered:

  • Key changes taking place in Australia and worldwide for cybersecurity compliance in the context of a complex and challenging global regulatory change landscape.
  • Practical insight into resilience, critical infrastructure security, and how accreditation under ISO 27000 can empower your organisation.
  • Live demonstration of how LexisNexis' Regulatory Compliance content works with Protecht’s ERM solution, to provide a clear picture of your cyber security obligations, risks and centralise your cyber risk management.

About the presenters

Chief Technology Officer, Chief Information Security Officer, Protecht

Peter Walker has more than 20 years of experience in software development; including design and architecture, security, testing, and consulting. Peter has a CISSP certification and is responsible for driving the development of Protecht's risk management software.

Head of Sales, Protecht

Adel Fakhreddine is a highly skilled sales management professional with a proven track record in account management, new business development and leadership skills based on a foundation of integrity, trust and ethics. His key area of focus besides risk and compliance is business research, marketing and technology.

Head of Content, LexisNexis Regulatory Compliance Global

Kieran Seed is the Head of Content for Regulatory Compliance Global at LexisNexis, supervising and coordinating the development of complex compliance data sets locally and internationally. Kieran’s expertise lies at the nexus of compliance, law and content, to help organisations understand and monitor their compliance requirements in an accelerating and ever-changing regulatory landscape. Kieran’s team of subject matter experts manage a wide content set across the Pacific, UK and SEA, and also collaborate closely with content teams across the globe to bring the Regulatory Compliance solution to new markets and jurisdictions.