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Transforming your risk management

The digitisation of risk management.

How can risk software help your stakeholders? 

Key information and topics covered

Transforming your risk management from spreadsheets, word documents and emails can lift the visibility of the risks across all levels of your organisation from risk owners to boards. Being able to clearly articulate the benefits to all stakeholders in your organisation is critical to getting any new risk digitisation project across the line.


What you will learn 

This eBook explains how the three main user types in your organisation can benefit from risk management software:

Business leaders are increasingly expected to be accountable and understand their department or business units' risk and control environment. Efficiently preparing a review with internal risk management teams or external regulators isn't possible when relying on manual processes with disparate sources of information.

Risk managers must juggle multiple requests for insights, be confident in their reporting, and keep on top of outstanding actions while challenging and supporting risk owners. Boards and risk committees are increasingly focused on their organisation’s risks and ensuring actions and issues are addressed. Using manual process that rely on email, word documents and spreadsheets causes many pain points.

Boards need to get the right balance of information to meet their obligations. It's common to see risk reports that are unclear, too much information, not enough information, or quite out of date. This leaves board members exposed, making it incredibly difficult to hold management accountable for risks outside of appetite.

Finally, the eBook explains how Protecht can help you digitise risk management. Learn how risk management can be integrated and linked to your organisation’s processes and outcomes.