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White paper

Derisking your risk digitisation journey.

The four steps to realising measurable benefits from your ERM platform and digitisation journey.

About this white paper

In an era marked by rapid technological advancements and increasingly complex risk landscapes, the role of risk management is evolving. Traditional methods are no longer sufficient. The stakes are high, and the room for error is low. Are you prepared to lead through this paradigm shift?

Protecht's white paper Derisking your risk digitisation journey provides a step-by-step guide for Chief Risk Officers and risk managers. Explore the four key points to making your journey a success:

  • Embracing cultural change and leadership buy-in
  • Standardising and scaling processes to de-risk operations
  • Humanising the transformation to ensure stakeholder engagement
  • Achieving operational efficiencies through digitisation

Reasons to read

  • Lead through change: Understand the challenges and opportunities that come with digital transformation in risk management and position yourself as an adaptable leader
  • Overcome resistance: Equip yourself with strategies to address resistance to change, ensuring that your team not only adapts but thrives in the new environment
  • Eliminate key person dependency: Move away from outdated manual processes and siloed operations, ensuring a unified, efficient, and holistic approach to risk management
  • Achieve transparency: Implement enhanced risk reporting mechanisms for clear communication and better decision-making

Who is this white paper for?

  • Chief Risk Officers (CROs): This guide serves as a roadmap for CROs who are not just managing risks but are poised to lead their organisations through disruptive change
  • Risk managers: Understand the nuances of digital transformation in risk management and incorporate effective strategies into your risk management framework
  • Senior management and boards: Equip yourself with the knowledge to make informed decisions on how risk management strategies should evolve in the digital age

What you will learn

This white paper provides you with invaluable insights and practical approaches, including:

  • Steps to success: Master the art of successful risk digitisation with a four-step plan – cultural change, de-risking operations, humanising transformation, and operational efficiencies
  • Change and resistance: Learn effective change management strategies to address concerns about job security and new technology
  • Operational excellence: Align your risk digitisation strategy with business objectives for measurable success
  • Long-term strategy: Understand that risk digitisation is a journey, not a sprint, and learn how to measure success in the long run

About the author

Ryan Knapton is ERM Implementation Project Manager at Protecht, with extensive experience leading risk, compliance, and regulatory projects across major financial institutions globally. At Protecht, he's been instrumental in shaping risk management solutions that not only address the technical aspects but also focus on the human element – engaging teams and senior management alike.