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White paper

Enterprise risk management for educational institutions.

How a strong ERM framework allows schools, colleges, universities and vocational providers to meet and exceed their stakeholder obligations.

About this white paper 

Schools, colleges, universities and vocational education providers all face an increasingly complex risk environment. Protecting and safeguarding students is more important than ever, and the shift to remote learning and working has introduced a new swathe of cyber and IT risks. Stakeholders – from the board and staff, to parents, fee-payers, students and more – expect transparency and clear reporting.

Having an integrated view of your risk universe is vital to meet your objectives and your obligations to students, staff and stakeholders. This should encompass a system that allows you to count your material risks, provide a top-down view, and match that to your organisation’s risk appetite.

This guide is aimed at educational institutions of all kinds, government, state, private or hybrid, at school, college, university and vocational providers.

It provides risk managers, business managers and boards/governors with a practical overview of the steps required to understand and evaluate risk challenges such as student and staff safety and safeguarding, IT and cyber risk, vendor risk, operational resilience, and compliance.


What you will learn 

  • How the educational landscape is evolving
  • What the top five risk areas in education are
  • Why enterprise risk management is critical for educational institutions
  • How you can engage your whole institution's culture in ERM
  • What the next steps are for implementing an ERM system