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Downloadable template

Enterprise Risk Management business case template.

Create a convincing business case for transitioning to advanced ERM software with this comprehensive template.

About this downloadable resource

Ready to upgrade your risk management tools but need to justify the investment? Our Business Case Template is your essential tool for advocating a transition from manual processes or existing ERM systems to a state-of-the-art ERM solution.

  • Tailored business case: Easily adapt our template to articulate the need for upgrading your ERM system, whether you're moving from Excel or an existing ERM system.
  • ROI calculation made easy: Use our structured approach to clearly outline the financial benefits of an ERM upgrade.
  • Risk and solution focused: Address potential risks and propose effective solutions for a seamless transition.
  • Expert guidance: Leverage insights from risk management professionals to strengthen your business case.
  • Vendor evaluation support: Benefit from detailed criteria to help you assess and select the most suitable ERM software for your organisation.

Reasons to download

  • Streamline your approval process: Use our template to efficiently structure and present your case for upgrading to a modern ERM system, making it easier to gain stakeholder approval.
  • Quantify benefits with ease: Our template simplifies the complexity of calculating ROI, helping you to clearly demonstrate the financial advantages of an ERM upgrade.
  • Mitigate transition risks: Gain insights into potential risks and challenges of upgrading your ERM system, along with strategies to effectively address them.
  • Make informed vendor choices: Leverage our comprehensive criteria to evaluate and select the most suitable ERM software, ensuring the best fit for your organisation's needs.

Who is this downloadable resource for?

  • Risk management and compliance officers: Enhance your ability to present a compelling case for ERM upgrades, showcasing how it can streamline compliance and risk management processes.

  • IT and Information Security managers: Utilise the template to demonstrate how an upgraded ERM system can bolster your organization's data security and align with IT strategies.

  • Financial and operational managers: Leverage the template to articulate the financial and operational efficiencies gained from an ERM upgrade, supporting your budgetary and resource allocation plans.

  • Internal auditors: Use this resource to advocate for a system that enhances audit processes, improves risk assessment accuracy, and ensures compliance with regulatory standards.

  • C-Level executives and decisionmakers: Gain a structured framework to evaluate the strategic importance and ROI of upgrading ERM systems, aiding in informed decision-making and long-term planning.