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Protecht ERM system demo

Building the case for a great Enterprise Risk Management system

On-Demand Webinar

Leading a risk management team is a complex task, and one of your biggest responsibilities is to ensure your organisation has the right risk management systems and processes in place. Choosing the right product for your organisation ​can be daunting with so many options available

In this live webinar we will show you Protecht’s powerful tools and resources that will help you build a strong case to present to your board and team. We will show you how you can take your organisation’s enterprise risk management one step further.

In this session, you will learn:

  • Assets to build a strong business case: ROI calculator, real life experiences from other risk professionals (case studies), our ERM Buyers’ Guide and more
  • How to manage the full lifecycle of risk management with one system. Live Protecht.ERM demo
  • Journey mapping: leveraging our expertise to move you out of the spectrum from spreadsheets or incompatible siloed systems

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Ian Hadwen

Chief Revenue Officer, Protecht

Jatin Shrestha

Business Development Manager APAC, Protecht

“If you don't invest in risk management, it doesn't matter what business you're in, it's a risky business”

Gary Cohn


Content overview:

1. Building a Strong Business Case: 

A. Do your research

▪️ Internal gap analysis  

▪️ Internal drivers 

▪️ Education & understanding –Risk Expertise

▪️ Who can help? Partner ecosystem

B. Develop a Business Case 

▪️ ROI Calculator

▪️ Budget parameters & internal resource capability – 3–5-year horizon

C. Define / Refine Requirements & approach the market 

▪️ Lifecycle of Risk – can your provider do all that is required?

▪️ Marketplace – Out of the box – absolute ease of implementation 

▪️ Journey Mapping – Risk Expertise - Easy to grow/mature - Service Plans

▪️ Talk to other customers – social proof – Pinnacle Investments, New Zealand Automobile Association, Lotto NZ, and other case studies  


2. See it in Action: How to manage the full lifecycle of risk management with one system

A. Where you can take it. Live system demonstration

▪️ Risk and RIM 

▪️ Compliance

▪️ Operational Resilience

▪️ Cyber


3. Customer Journey & Conclusion 

About the presenters

Chief Revenue Officer, Protecht

Ian Hadwen is an experienced sales and product management professional having worked in credit/data services, financial services and telecommunication industries. Ian’s prior roles have included very successful individual business development and account relationship functions.

Business Development Manager APAC, Protecht

Jatin is a pro-active, outcome driven, sales professional with over 10 years of experience in various sales positions. He approaches his professional work with a strong emphasis on achieving exceptional results in business and sales KPIs while at the same time delivering outstanding levels of customer service.


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