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Product demonstration webinar

Streamlining breach submissions with RG 78 integration.

Wednesday 31 July, 11:00 am - 11:20 am

In this 20-minute product demonstration webinar, Ian Hadwen, Chief Revenue Officer and Natasha James, Senior Product Manager at Protecht, will showcase how you can save time by reporting breaches in real-time from Protecht ERM into your ASIC regulatory portal with our new RG 78 integration.

Discover how you can streamline your organisation's RG 78 regulatory reporting process, so you can spend more time taking proactive measures to mitigate potential breaches.  

This session is designed to show how risk and compliance teams can benefit from centralising and managing reportable situations in Protecht ERM to provide complete visibility in what your organisation has submitted to ASIC. Don’t miss this opportunity to explore how Protecht ERM's new solution can drive efficiency and provide insights into your organisation's risk and compliance status.  

Register today to take a step towards streamlining your RG 78 regulatory reporting process. 


Ian Hadwen

Chief Revenue Officer, Protecht

Natasha James

Senior Product Manager, Protecht

Key information and topics covered:

  • Single source of truth: How you can centralise managing the identification, investigation, regulatory reporting to completion processes using Protecht registers and dashboards 
  • RG 78 Integration: Save time by reporting breaches in real-time from Protecht ERM into your ASIC regulatory portal 
  • Compliance workflow: Automate alerts and reminders for assigned tasks and key dates 
  • Dashboards and analytics: Gain insights and assess performance on information such as root causes, customer impact, rectification and remediation 

Who will benefit

  • Risk managers 
  • Compliance managers 
  • Organisations with an Australian Financial Services licence and/or Australian Credit licensee holders 

About the presenters

Chief Revenue Officer, Protecht

Ian Hadwen is an experienced sales and product management professional having worked in credit/data services, financial services and telecommunication industries. Ian’s prior roles have included very successful individual business development and account relationship functions.

Senior Product Manager, Protecht

Natasha James, with over 10 years of experience in product management for SaaS-based organisations, brings her extensive expertise to Protecht's VRM module. Her focus on innovative solutions and user-centric design has been pivotal in the development of Protecht's VRM enhancements.