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Thought leadership webinar

The road to CPS 230: Getting intimate with your material service providers.

Tuesday 25 June, 11am - 12pm AEST

CPS 230 puts pressure on regulated entities to lift their game when it comes to material service providers – pressure that may have commercial implications for service providers who aren’t ready to step up.

Whether you are a regulated entity, a service provider, or both, this webinar unpacks how you can work together to achieve resilient outcomes across the financial services sector.

Key topics covered include:

  • The commercial implications for service providers
  • How third parties support your critical operations
  • Getting your contracts in order
  • Assessing the risk of engaging with a material service provider
  • Developing commercial, collaborative and cosy relationships with service providers
  • Integrating business continuity and resilience across the supply chain
  • Gaining assurance from material service providers
  • Reporting on material service providers

We’ll cover these topics from both sides of the fence – from the perspective of regulated entities, and those that provide services to them. Register now to secure your place.


Hela Ebrahimi

Senior Risk Consultant, Protecht

Michael Howell

Research and Content Lead, Protecht

Key information and topics covered:

This webinar addresses the emerging challenges and opportunities faced by regulated entities and their service providers under the new CPS 230 regulations. This session will look at the details of establishing resilient, commercial relationships and maintaining robust compliance frameworks. You’ll gain insights into aligning contracts, assessing risks, and enhancing business continuity across the supply chain.

The webinar explores the topic from dual perspectives – the regulated and the regulators. Its key learnings will focus on fostering proactive, collaborative approaches that not only meet regulatory demands but also position service providers as competitive players in the market. It’s an essential resource for those looking to effectively navigate the complexities of CPS 230.

What you will learn

  • How regulated entities and material service providers can work together towards common goals
  • The importance of ongoing monitoring, communication and information sharing
  • How a proactive approach from service providers can become a competitive advantage
  • The distinction between material service providers and material arrangements – and why it matters
  • How to bring information together to support action and decision making

Who will benefit

This webinar is aimed at all CPS 230 regulated entities and material service providers, especially:

  • Chief compliance officers and compliance managers seeking to navigate the compliance landscape efficiently
  • Chief risk officers and risk managers looking to enhance their risk management frameworks in light of CPS 230
  • Supplier risk managers and procurement teams involved in managing third-party relationships and risks
  • IT security professionals focused on safeguarding operational and information security within the compliance framework
  • Material service providers to CPS 230 regulated entities, including underwriting agencies, technology companies, debt collection agencies, law firms, and outsourced call centres

About the presenters

Senior Risk Consultant, Protecht

Hela Ebrahimi is a seasoned Risk Consultant with over 15 years of experience in risk management and legal compliance. She is renowned for her passion and expertise in bringing risk management strategies to life.

Her client portfolio spans diverse industries, including insurance, banking, utilities, not-for-profits, and education, where she collaborates with stakeholders to identify, assess, and mitigate risks using Protecht's technology and industry best practices.

Research and Content Lead, Protecht

Michael Howell is Protecht's Research and Content Lead. He is passionate about the field of risk management and related disciplines, with a focus on helping organisations succeed using a ‘decisions eyes wide open’ approach.

Michael is a Certified Practicing Risk Manager whose curiosity drives his approach to challenge the status quo and look for innovative solutions.