Protecht.ERM Showcase: Manage all your risks with an easy to use and configurable system (Thu 27/08 1pm AEST)
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Protecht.ERM provides banks, mutual ADIs, health insurers and general insurers with a flexible GRC solution to meet their risk and compliance needs as prescribed regulatory authorities. Strategic and operational risks with associated controls can be captured in central libraries to provide a single platform for risk and control assessments.

Assessed risks can then be linked to key metrics to support risk appetite statements. Risks and controls can also be linked to the incident recording process and internal audit findings to present a more fluid picture of risk. The flexible form builder allows online capture of other information such as fraud, significant outsourced arrangements, and business continuity plans to be captured.

Obligations and compliance requirements are captured in a systematic approach through the creation of an obligations register, attestations and compliance breach capture process. All information can be work-flowed with our flexible workflow engine and our integrated business intelligence tool allows stunning visualization of the data into flexible dashboards and reports.

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