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Introducing Protecht marketplace

Optimise your risk management at the click of a button.

On-demand webinar

Establishing an ERM system can be as daunting as building a house from the ground up. There are hundreds of decisions to be made that will affect how your users engage with the risk management tool.

In this webinar, we'll walk you through  how Marketplace makes it easy to implement and scale Protecht ERM with pre-configured registers, workflows and analytics developed by industry-leading risk professionals.

We'll also cover how Marketplace lets you:

  • Leverage best practice guidance from experts in the field
  • Implement an ERM system quickly, with packages installed and enabled in less than 15 minutes
  • Tackle emerging risk issues such as ISMS/cyber and third party risk and
  • Level up within the system as your risk methodology matures


Kelly Ngai

Senior Product Manager, Protecht

Adel Fakhreddine

Head of Sales, APAC, Protecht

Craig Adams

Managing Director, EMEA, Protecht

Watch the recorded webinar

Key information and topics covered 

What is Marketplace: 

Marketplace provides registers, workflows and analytics pre-configured by experienced risk professionals.

Templated, best-practice content helps you save time and effort when implementing a quality ERM system, keep on top of emerging risks and maintain a framework that suits your organisation’s risk maturity.

About the presenters

Senior Product Manager, Protecht

Kelly Ngai is a Senior Product Manager in Protecht's Product and Marketing team. Kelly joined Protecht in mid-2021 and has 14 years of product management experience across credit risk, data and analytics and professional publishing industries.

Along with the Product team, Kelly is passionate about meeting and learning from professionals in risk management to develop great solutions.

Head of Sales, APAC, Protecht

Adel Fakhreddine is a highly skilled sales management professional with a proven track record in account management, new business development and leadership skills based on a foundation of integrity, trust and ethics. His key area of focus besides Risk and Compliance is Business Research, Marketing, and Technology.

Managing Director, EMEA, Protecht

Craig Adams has been with Protecht since 2020 as the Managing Director for EMEA to support the development of the company in this region. Craig has over 15 years’ leadership experience working with a number of SaaS vendors helping them scale and grow their EMEA business.