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Protecht thought leadership webinar

Measuring culture and conduct risk.

On-demand webinar

Financial profit & loss has been the key performance measure in business for years. This single dimension view is no longer adequate and a multi bottom line view incorporating a wider range of measures is required. Culture and Conduct is one of those measures. 

This session takes a look at the application of measurement to culture and conduct. Can we strike a net “profit” or “loss” for this difficult-to-measure area?


David Tattam

Chief Research and Content Officer, Protecht

David Turner

Managing Director, RiskNZ

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Key information and topics covered 

Session Content:

  1. Defining culture and conduct and the related risks
  2. What are the value adds and the value detractors – the credits and debits!
  3. How can culture and conduct be measured
  4. Creating and reporting on a culture and conduct “P&L” and making the target a strategic goal
  5. Making it happen to avoid the risks of not adopting a multi-bottom-line performance measure

Financial profit and loss has been the key business performance measure since the Venetians adopted debits and credits in the 15th century. The reason for this is obvious: financial performance is the easy one to measure.

However, this singular bottom line approach means a lack of focus on every other value add/deduction that an organisation creates, from environmental and social to employee wellbeing. This is no longer acceptable. We need to be able to measure every material aspect of an organisation’s stakeholder impact, positive or negative.

Risk management has a major role to play in fixing this problem. Nowhere is it more evident than in how our people behave, and how our people’s behaviour impacts the behaviour and wellbeing of others. 

About the presenters

Chief Research and Content Officer, Protecht

David Tattam is the Chief Research & Content Officer and co-founder of the Protecht Group. David's vision is to redefine the way the world thinks about risk and to develop risk management to its rightful place as being a key driver of value creation in each of Protecht's customers.

David is the driving force in taking Protecht's risk thinking to the frontiers of what is possible in risk management and to support the uplift of people risk capability through training and content.

Managing Director, RiskNZ

David assesses and troubleshoots organisations both in the public and private sectors, his knowledge comes from working with a number of organisations across the past 20 years and identifying risk in its many different forms. David also joined the Australian Army and became part of a specialised team where he deployed to East Timor in 1999. 

David was born in NZ and returned in 2016 to work on the Transdev Wellington rail network transition. He now lives in New Zealand permanently and has worked with organisations including: Deloitte, KPMG, Defence, MOH, MOJ and PwC.