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Protecht.ERM Government User Forum

Fit for Purpose Risk Information Forum. Canberra, 16 March 2016. Protecht recently hosted its inaugural Commonwealth Government client user forum coupled with a forum for any government entity seeking information on Protecht.ERM as a 'fit for purpose’ risk information system.

Over 40 attendees from a wide range of government entities attended the forums and the feedback received was very positive.

During the first part of the day, David Bergmark and Peter Walker gave a presentation on the development roadmap of Protecht.ERM as well as a demonstration of some of the new functionality being released in April.


The session also gave current Protecht.ERM government clients the opportunity to share their experiences using and implementing the system in their entities.

Some of the use cases for Protecht.ERM, beyond traditional risk and compliance management, were:

  • Management of gifts and entertainment
  • Register of conflicts of interest
  • Staff / contractor vetting
  • Case management
  • Quality assurance management
  • Business planning

The sharing of ideas and uses of the system in a government entity context was greatly appreciated by the attendees, based on their comments to the Protecht team during and after the event.

The second session was open to any commonwealth government entity and gave the attendees an opportunity to understand how two vastly different entities have implemented Protecht.ERM. The presentations given by Comcover, and the Protecht.ERM implementation and uses described by the ATO and ARC generated many questions and much discussion which carried on during the subsequent networking session.

A key objective of this event was to illustrate that while over 60% of commonwealth government entities still rely on spreadsheets for their risk management system, Protecht.ERM is proving to be a far superior fit for purpose system for overall governance, risk and compliance across an entity.

For more information on how Protecht.ERM can meet your organisation’s needs, please contact

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