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Latest from the Knowledge Center

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Non-Financial Risk – Why the big focus?

Bow Tie Analysis

The latest focus in risk management seems to be “Non-Financial Risk”. Search for “Non-Financial Risk” on Google and you will be returned everything...
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Modern Slavery - Being Prepared

Compliance Management

Do you know what the Modern Slavery Act is and how it will impact your business? We had the opportunity to have Associate Professor Justine Nolan...
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Some features of the Protecht.ERM 8.4 release.

Key Risk Indicators

In this short video, Peter Walker, Chief Technology Officer at Protecht, gives a quick overview of  some of the new features that the development...
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Internal Audit and Enterprise Risk Management

Risk Management Software

"Internal auditing is an independent, objective assurance and consulting activity designed to add value and improve an organisation's operations" as...
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Disparate and Disconnected Risk Processes and Information? Solving the Problem with Key Risk Indicators

Key Risk Indicators

This is part 4 of our video series on "Disparate and Disconnected Risk Processes and Information". In this video, David Tattam talks about key risk...
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Understanding Key Risk Indicators from a Personal Perspective

Risk Culture

This is part 4 of our video series on "Difficulties in Engaging Staff in Risk Management". David Tattam provides an example of how you can explain...