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David Bergmark

Chief Executive Officer

David Bergmark is the Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of the Protecht Group. David’s vision and passion is to use technology to drive best practice risk management and embed risk management within each one of Protecht’s clients. He is the driving force behind the Protecht.ERM system and the integration of Protecht’s Software, Advisory, Training and Consulting capabilities to provide a consistent and seamless risk management experience for clients.  

David’s passion for risk management is to make it practical, relatable and dynamic so that it will become an integral part of a client’s management process, assisting in making better decisions, providing assurance and providing early warning monitoring signals for where action needs to be taken.

Prior to co-founding Protecht, David was the Chief Risk Officer at IBJ Australia Bank (Mizuho Corporate Bank). He started his career as a Chartered Accountant and Auditor with PwC and then became Risk Controller with a financial markets trading company, Carrington Securities. David is an Associate of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia and New Zealand.

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by David Bergmark

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Awesome Controls Assurance: The Confidence to Go Faster

“The greatest potential for control tends to exist at the point where action takes place.”

This quote by Louis A. Allen shows how controls are an integral part of our daily life. Whether it's crossing the road, driving to work or climbing a mountain, controls are there to enable action while staying safe.


Enterprise Risk Management = Integrated Risk Management in Protecht.ERM

Manage risks with an easy to use and configurable system. Watch this short webinar and dive into some of the features that the Protecht.ERM software offers to help you deal with your Risk and Compliance needs in a more efficient way.

Risk-Metrics-Webinar-Email-Banner-640x360 Risk Metrics WATCH NOW

Making sense of deploying and using great risk metrics

"If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage / improve it." This quote from Peter Drucker is as relevant for Risk Management as it is for General Management. The issue we face is that much of Operational Risk is difficult to measure and subjective judgement abounds.


Inherent, Residual and Targeted Risk: What Risk Professionals Need to Know

The value of assessing Inherent, Residual and Targeted risks has been subject to much debate. In this webinar, we discuss the concepts of each level of risk and how each can best be used in a risk management framework to add value.

Professional hacks for overcoming common issues in using Inherent Risk will be discussed.


Designing and deploying first rate risk and control taxonomies

One of the common issues that comes out of running a risk management program is difficulty in producing an overall risk profile which can be presented to the board and management. This is often caused by disconnected risk data and can often be traced back to confusing and inconsistent taxonomies.

Watch the recording and learn how building and implementing strong risk and control taxonomies in your organisation can immensely help in aggregating information up to the highest level.


How to bring all your risk information into one dashboard

Have you ever been told that your risk reporting is static, backward-looking or too subjective? Are your risks, KRIs, compliance activities, audit findings, actions and incidents disconnected?

Risk is always in motion - its measurement is forever changing. In this webinar, you will see how Protecht.ERM brings all the information that you have around a particular risk together into a simple dashboard.  

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