Protecht.ERM Showcase: Manage the full lifecycle of risk management in one system
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Latest from the Knowledge Center

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Risk Bow Tie Leadership Webinar Wrap Up


Risk Bow Tie Analysis is a powerful tool to document and communicate any type of risk. At Protecht we have always been passionate about Bow Ties and...
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ERM and other Risk Management acronyms

Risk Management

The management of an organization's risks on a true enterprise basis should be the aim of contemporary risk management. Enterprise Risk Management...
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Tie your risks with a Bow Tie

Bow Tie Analysis

  The dress Bow Tie originates from the 17th century. Croatian mercenaries held their shirts together around the neck using tied scarfs during the...
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Are you really in control of your Culture and Conduct risks?

Risk Culture

The list of key risks that should be keeping us awake at night seems to be forever changing. Whatever your list, Culture and Conduct Risk should be a...
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Webinar Q&A: Protecht.ERM Risk Management System Showcase

Health & Safety

We want to thank Adel Fakhreddine for answering the questions and also to all the participants around the world for being really proactive and...
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Victorian Government raises the bar on Risk Management. How will you rise to the occasion?

Risk Culture

The Victorian Government’s Risk Management Framework (VGRMF) which applies to Victorian Government departments and public bodies covered by the...